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  1. Good to hear. 81lbs is awesome. Don't you feel so amazing and new. Thats how I feel everyday, just like a new person. Clothes shopping is the best too.

  2. Hey there girl, How are you doing? You look amazing!!!!! I am doing great so far. I am down 81.6 from my heaviest only a few weeks pre opt. I am so happy with my decision to go through with this.

  3. Hey girl, how's everything going?

  4. I am so sick of the chewable vitamins BUT I know how important they are...I was wondering if any of you have switched to the capsule form and where you buy them. I have looked at a few I am still waiting for my dietian to call me back
  5. I know the feeling about Chicken--do not try to eat the skin, that part hates me. I do pretty well with steak and chicken, but pork...ick...everything with me is going well. I am getting ready to uproot my life and move down to AL, FL, or MS (have to get a job first...). I am down into the high 220s or low 230s. depends on the day. I have an appt on thursday for a weight mgmt coach at work so ill get an updated weight then.

  6. Hey girlie :) How are you?

  7. Will the nmber of protien per day decrease ove time? I had to lose 150#'s so I havea high requirement but they didnt say if that number will ever change
  8. Bridge how are you? I am doing well! Chicken hates me lol I am trying to get better at eating things that will give me enough protien instead of having to suppliment with drinks. How is everything going with you?

  9. Damn cyn you are doing awesome! I am so proud of you!!!
  10. Omg you look great! You are doing amazing!!!!!!
  11. So I am almost 8 weeks out. I am trying to eat things that will help me get my protien in without having to suppliment with my drinks. I ate almonds is that bad? I remember them saying to stay away in the first 6 weeks have any of your dietians said anything about it...on the subject of food when can I try lettuce and fresh fruit and veggies?