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  1. I am so sick of the chewable vitamins BUT I know how important they are...I was wondering if any of you have switched to the capsule form and where you buy them. I have looked at a few I am still waiting for my dietian to call me back
  2. Cyn you look amazing youself babe!
  3. Vetty

    Waiting for the rest of my family to get in the pic

    Wow kelly you look amazing!
  4. Wow Eric you look amazing! Great job
  5. Vetty

    How many gr of Protein do you get each day?

    Will the nmber of protien per day decrease ove time? I had to lose 150#'s so I havea high requirement but they didnt say if that number will ever change
  6. Vetty

    Another thread about food

    Awesome thank you so much!
  7. Vetty

    Cynthia's Photo Journey...

    Damn cyn you are doing awesome! I am so proud of you!!!
  8. Vetty


    Omg you look great! You are doing amazing!!!!!!
  9. So I am almost 8 weeks out. I am trying to eat things that will help me get my protien in without having to suppliment with my drinks. I ate almonds is that bad? I remember them saying to stay away in the first 6 weeks have any of your dietians said anything about it...on the subject of food when can I try lettuce and fresh fruit and veggies?
  10. Vetty

    Aloha Newbie Here

    Welcome. That is amazing. You havent even hit soft foods and you are doing so well. I am almost 6 weeks post op and I have lost 36.6 it is crazy. Just keep you mind in the game and you wll do great
  11. Vetty


    Morg My love whats wrong DO you feel it is emotional eating or is it you just eat what you want now because you can? I am sorry you feel down right now but look how far oyou have come. Remember all the reasons you went to thi extreme to have this surgery done. Remember how you felt! Remember everything. W have to want to be heathy and (skinn) wink wink more than food. W can do this
  12. Vetty

    Head hunger

    OMG I will be 6wks post op on Tuesday net week. I have been going cazy for my parents food. I am having trouble taking down chicken and fish well anything othe tan "mushy" foods. Maybe its a sricture but I have caled my dr.s office 4 times and ae yet to hear from somene. Anyways I am dying for my moms homeade tortillas and my dads chile fries. I am still happy got the surgery I will never regret it its just the mental part that is the hardest.
  13. It is amazing to hear men speak on this subject. Its so often that women talk about having a plus size store for them but hate what is avaliable let me tell you the clothes are ugly and very pricey. Yes there are clothes that are supposed to be made for us but let me tell you there are only a hand full o foutfits I like aftr years and years of shopping at a plus ize store. I want to dess my age not 100 years older. lol
  14. Vetty

    Our Kel (Mistymee) is in ER!

    Kel, Let us know you are ok. My thoughts and payers are with you.
  15. I must say the surgery went well. The past two weeks have been cake with eveything but my emotions. I was depressed before the surgery but man I feel like a black cloud is hovering over me. I knew that we would have a time with depression with major surgery. I thought that nothing would take me from being on cloud nine. How did you get past this?