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  1. I had gastric at 45 years old at 251 lbs. and got down to 133 lbs. I am now 52 years old and weigh 143 lbs. It's a 10 lb gain but I am feeling like a failure, With aging and menopause should I accept the 10 lb gain?
  2. Six year is the turning point for me. So, when I read all these posts of people struggling with eating right or portion control the first or second year, I think it will get a lot harder the further out.
  3. I am exactly like you. It was the 6 years mark too. I held my 127 -130 lbs with no problem but then 10 pounds came on over night. I am down 3 with 7 lbs to go. Once I get the 10 lbs off I think I will take another 5 lbs off.
  4. For Christmas my husband bought me a Vince Camuto dress size 4. So, I got to wear it on Valentine's for dinner. What a good feeling that he could buy me a piece of clothing and I slipped it on with no problem and it fit perfect. He could never do that when I weighed 251 lbs.
  5. Look at the hubby! I have known him since I was 13 years old (we went to school together) and more in love than ever!!!! He was the most supportive of me in this weight loss journey,
  6. On a positive note, with the 10 lbs gain my boobs got bigger! LOL
  7. I don't want to be a cry baby about 10 lbs after 7 years because I am thrilled with my life after gastric. I enjoy dancing, crossing my legs, wearing a bathing suit, skinny jeans, etc... I was just surprised how fast the weight came on and that it is not budging. I will go back to strict lean protein and vegetables and go back to weighing and measuring my food.
  8. Jodi

    6 Years out - DOS 1/5/2011

    Looking fantastic!!!!!
  9. I would say that I do drink a rum and diet coke more. I do think the older you get and the more time that passes the stricter you must get. That's why when I read posts on TT of people 6 months out saying they had a couple of bites of pizza and think that is ok, I think where will they be when they are 7 years outs like me. It's just shocking how fast I put the 10 lbs on and how the scale is not budging. I must get back to extremely lean and clean eating. I had let things creep back into my diet and since the scale never moved I thought it was ok. BUT I was wrong!!!
  10. I do think it gets harder the older I get.
  11. Initially, I was 251 lbs and after my gastric bypass I maintained my 130 lbs for close to 7 years with no problem. I am 51 and am going through menopause and gained 10 lbs. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? It seems no matter what I do I cannot take off the 10 lbs and I am feeling like a failure.
  12. I am 51 years old and this is the first time in my adult life that I dressed up for Halloween. It also was super fun and easy shopping for a costume when you fit in a small. Everything is so much easier as a thin person than when I was heavy. I had a blast with my hubby and our friends. I always said at the beginning of this journey that I wanted to live life to the fullest and I am happy to say I AM!
  13. I've been on TT for over 8 years and feel that it is the reason I have successfully lost and maintained my loss going on 7 years!!! I have learned so much from other people on this website.
  14. My twins names are Alicia and Amber. They will be 25 in September. Alicia is currently at University of Delaware earning her PHD in behavior neuroscience and Amber earned her BA at West Chester University in biology is currently furthering her education to become a mid wife. Both girls are extremely smart and driven. My husband and I are truly blessed with all 4 of our girls.