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  1. Some noticed my collarbone and face earlier but it was after 60 pounds or so that most of the comments began. Now when I see people that haven't seen me for more than a year they are amazed and startled.
  2. ~*~February 2010 Staplers!~*~

    Hello Everyone. My surgiversary is on Tuesday. I have lost 148 pounds altogether and feel great. I have had a rather effortless time. My only issues are iron and potassium deficiencies which are being managed with additional supplements. I get labs done frequently between my surgeon's office and my PCP. I can eat anything and can eat normal portion sizes. This has not been an issue so far, but I believe I will need to be more vigilant than others in keeping the weight off. I certainly do not want to start grazing and regain what I lost, which I know can happen. So far no re-gaining and I reached my goal on New Year's day. I am faithful in not drinking with meals. I haven't tried any alcohol yet and I never intend to drink carbonated beverages again. Hopefully these lifestyle changes will enable me to stay trim. I did lose a lot of hair from May through July last year. I had very thick hair so it is not noticeable. None has grown back yet. One funny thing though - the hair that is left is now very curly. I tell everyone I lost weight and turned into Shirley Temple! I have been very open with everyone about the surgery and everyone, without exception, has been supportive. I feel very lucky.
  3. Anemia

    I am almost 11 months out and have had a relatively effortless experience so far. I have lost 146 pounds and have just reached my goal. The only issue I am having is absorption of iron and potassium. My labs are ok for everything else. I take prescription potassium twice a day and try to eat a banana almost evry day with my greek yogurt at breakfast. My ferritin levels were about 148 in March which was a month after surgery. In November the level dropped to 8. I was taking carbonyl iron (feosol) two pills twice a day for a few months before the November labs. My surgeon's office told me I should be taking ferrous fumerate so I have been taking Vitron-C (2 pills twice a day) for the past month. I am feeling the anemia symptoms strongly now (having just finished a heavy period that likely is the cause of my problems). I am lightheaded, extremely tired, and cold. This does scare me a bit. I know of one woman who had to have blood transfusions from iron loss a few years after surgery. Anyone else pre-menopausal have this experience in the months after surgery?
  4. Sleep Apnea postop

    I have lost 140 pounds since January. My cpap is still set at 10 where it was before WLS. I am scheduled for a sleep study on December 27. I have slept a few nights without it because I fell asleep before putting it on. I wake up with a headache and don't feel as well rested. I suspect I will still need it even though I was told by anesthesiologist that my throat looked like I could get rid of it. I had severe sleep apnea, stopped breathing 70+ times per hour when originally tested 2 years ago. My pulmonologist told me to stop using cpap for a week before re-test to get the most accurate reading. We'll see. If I have to use it forever so be it. It took me a long time to get used to it, but now I sleep very well with it.
  5. Onederland

    I am so excited. Today I weighed 199.4. I am just over 6 months out and down 111 pounds, including 20 pounds lost before surgery. I have 34 more to lose. I feel so much better and have found this journey to be relatively effortless. The only problem I had was not tolerating protein shakes the first 2 weeks. Otherwise all has been well. I feel very lucky.
  6. Zumba

    I go to zumba classes at least 3 times a week. I STArted at 8 weeks after surgery. At first I was winded and needed to stop frequently for drinks. I learned to modify some of the moves because jumping hurts my knees. Now I am down 107 ponds and it is much easier. I can get through the whole hour class with no problems. I still drink frequently. Once I figured out that the music generally has 6 beats rather than 8 I didn't miss as many steps. I definitely prefer the classes. I don't think I would be as consistent at home. I also think the zumba has helped me to avoid most stalls because my weightloss has been very steady since I started zumba. Stick with it. It is fun and definitely becomes easier as you learn the songs. I suggest going to classes and try a few different ones. Every teacher chorographs the songs differently. Some are definitely better than others.
  7. I have really been lucky with this surgery. I am almost 6 months out. I have lost 106 pounds including about 20 before surgery. I have 40 pounds to go. I can eat anything. I get hiccups to tell me when I should stop but have nevr been sick. I have gotten extremely tired a couple of times after eating too much but that is all. I waited until about 5 months out to try anything sweet. I attended 2 weddings and a baby shower in the course of a month and had a tiny piece of cake at each. I tried an Andes candy after dinner once and today I turned 50 so I had a small piece of cake for my birthday. I generally eat the right things. Mostly protein with at least some fruit or vegetable each day. I also tried a sandwich for the first time and had no problems. The reason all of this concerns me is that I think it would be very easy for me to regain weight because I could basically return to old habits. I know I won't right now but in a few months I will need to be very vigilent not to let old habits creep back in. I will keep reminding myself of this so hopefully I won't let it. I do exercise regularly - zumba at least 3 times a week. I plan to stick to that long term. Sometimes I wonder if I really had the surgery because I don't really feel my pouch much. I have been able to eat more than most after surgery from about week 3. The hiccups are my only clue to stop besides common sense on portion size.
  8. Need help with hairloss

    I lost a lot of hair from 3 months out to about 5 months out. I read that in addition to taking biotin. of which I take 5000 mcg a day, I should add silica. I now take that daily too. The hair loss has slowed back to normal. I am not sure whether it happened naturally or whether the silica and biotin helped. Get some advice from your hairdresser because different hair types should tackle this problem differently. I have naturally curly thick coarse hair normally. My curls have been driving me crazy. After the hair loss I can't control them as before. My hairdresser had me stop fighting and blow drying the curls and just mousse them and let them do as they wish. She cut my hair to enhance this.
  9. Large Fatty Tumor Removal On My Back

    I had one removed from my back by a general surgeon in his office about ten years ago. It left a scar but it has faded over time. I had it removed because it pressed on my ribs when a chair rung hit it just right and it really bugged me. I have a large one now on the inside of my elbow. I plan to have it removed this fall when I am closer to goal weight. It really bothers me and my PC agreed that due to its size I should probably have it removed.I have other smaller ones scattered around my body that I will leave alone. The one I had removed before was biopsied as a precaution but was just a lypoma.
  10. I had my surgery a few days after you. I rarely snack but occasionally get the urge and when I do I pick something protein like a cheese stick. I do think being vigilant about water intake helps. If you follow the rules of nothing to drink a half hour before a meal and nothing to drink for an hour after and still try to get at least 64 ounces in it makes it hard to snack. Once you eat something you have to wait another hour to start drinking again. That keeps me away from food. Also I go upstairs in the evening when I am most likely to snack and watch TV or use my laptop there. That way I am away from the kitchen. It really helps.
  11. ~*~February 2010 Staplers!~*~

    My hair has been falling out steadily for the past month. It is very thin. Hopefully it will stop before I need to invest in a wig! Otherwise I feel great. I have lost 86 pounds from my highest in early January. I go to zumba at least 3 times a week and started yoga last week.
  12. Surgery Tomorrow- Totally Emotional

    I hope you are already out of surgery and found that it went well. I had no problems from the surgery and at 4 months out I feel great and have lost 83 pounds already. Most people have a great experience with this surgery. Read up on this website to get your questions answered. Everyone here is very helpful and knowledgeable.
  13. Periods post-op

    I have been completely regular since surgery. I am 3 months out.
  14. Low potassium

    Amazingly I have not had any leg cramps. In the past I would get leg cramps and take a potassium pill and the cramp would go away almost immediately. I was surprised my levels were so low. I think she said I was at a 6. I was low for the first month post-op and took potassium for 30 days. I figured it was from diarrhea after surgery but now I have it again with no diarrhea. This may be something I will continually need to take supplements of. I will try to eat more potassium rich food which is hard when trying to focus on protein. I know potassium deficiency can be serious. I remember a few months ago someone posted on here that a woman died a month after surgery from a heart attack brought on by severe potassium deficiency.
  15. Low potassium

    I just had my bloodwork done for my 3 month checkup next week. Everything was fine except my potassium was very low. My PCP called in a prescription for me to take potassium twice a day. I will pick it up tomorrpw and start . I had half a banana tonight so I could get some in me. I haven't seen too many people comment about low potassium. Has this been an issue for anyone?