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  1. I'm 10 months out, and I've lost about 100 pounds since surgery, 114 total, with about 35 to go. I haven't been perfect, and I imagine that many of you haven't been either. I have a few questions that have been rolling around my head, and I'd like to know your opinion/experiences. I really haven't exercised at all. I'm not proud of this, but for some reason, I was more motivated to get to the gym when I was over 300 pounds. I'm not as concerned about gaining the weight back, because I have virtually no interest in food. Also, I don't believe that I dump, which is nice. Thanks. 1. My doctor has told me that I shouldn't count on losing after 1 year. Did you lose after one year? If so, how much? 2. Have you exercised? How often? 3. Do you dump? Have you figured out how much you can eat without dumping? 4. Do you drink? If so, what are your experiences with alcohol and your new digestive system? Thanks.
  2. Thank are you doing these days?
  3. Time to update...this morning, I weighed in at 224 loss of 104 pounds, and 90 pounds since surgery 8 months ago. I need to get back to the gym...and I will next week. I'm shooting to lose 4-5 pounds a month the next 4 months, which will get me to under 200 pounds, and a total loss of 128 pounds by my 1 year anniversary. And I hope to be at my goal by early spring. With exercise, this may change, but I'm definitely being patient. I am convinced that I will not have any issues regaining weight. The relationship that I have with food is so different...I just don't care about it like I used to, and I don't miss it. The biggest challenge for me (besides getting to the gym) is getting in all the protein and making sure I drink enough water. I haven't posted any pictures before, so here's a recent one. Good luck to all.
  4. I, too, was in a stall up until recently. I went back to truly counting calories and protein, and increased my water. While I was in the stall, I did feel like I was losing inches. It's weird, and something I haven't quite figured out. I think part of it is that when, in my case, I had 150 pounds to lose, and let's say you lose 8% of your excess weight a week. Starting out, that's 12 pounds a month. Now that I only have 50 pounds to lose, that number is 4 pounds a month. I have no idea if you consistently lose a % of your excess weight each month or not, but it makes sense to me. In my case, it wasn't actually a stall, but a dramatic slowing in weight loss. I had just gotten used to losing weight so quickly.
  5. It's been over a month, so time for an update. Weighed 239.8 this a.m., but let's call it 240. Wow...haven't seen a number this low in a long, long time. That is 88 pounds total, and 74 since the surgery exactly 5 months ago tomorrow. The loss has definitely slowed, but I'm ok with that. Yes, I'm eager to reach my goal weight, and to go on a massive shopping spree, but I'll be there one of these days. I've bought very few items of clothing...a few pair of pants, some boxers, but that's it. Last update I could barely squeeze into a pair of size 40 jeans...those same pants are a bit baggy now, and I actually bought a pair of size 38 shorts that fit me well. It is a surreal experience buying clothes that aren't from a specialty store. Going to Florida in a month...I'd love to weigh 233 and wear a size 36 pair of shorts. We shall see...
  6. Wow...congrats to you! Especially in only 5 months.
  7. Thanks...based on the links Corinne posted (thanks!), it looks like we should have a net calorie consumption of 1000-1200/day. Guess I'm not getting enough calories in...
  8. I walked almost 2 miles this morning, and I plan to do the same again this evening. According to what I found online, walking for 40 minutes at that distance, burns approximately 260 calories, twice a day = over 500 calories. When I run/walk on the treadmill for an hour, I burn over 500 calories. As I work through what may/may not be a stall, I'm increasing the exercise to burn over 500 calories a day, at least 4-5 times a week.
  9. I've been told that I should be having between 1000-1200 each day. What if I burn 600 calories each day by walking? Would my net caloric intake be 400-600 per day, or do I need to up my calories? 400-600 per day seems awfully low. Thanks.
  10. Don't freak long as you are prepared to have a different relationship with food, you'll be fine. For someone to gain all their weight back, they must have serious emotional issues that they've never resolved. And, they must be eating a crazy amount of food, and an even crazier amount of calories. Your body doesn't absorb the calories the same 3500 calories isn't truly 3500 calories. The feeling of fullness is not the same, and I can't imagine feeling really full all the time. Makes me nauseous just thinking about it. Some people just don't lilke being skinny, I guess.
  11. I weighed 243 this morning, and I looked back at my previous weights. I weighed 246 on Feb 17th, and 250 on Feb 9th. That's a 7 pound loss in about 30 days, and a 3 pound loss in the last 15 days. My loss has slowed to .25 lbs a day, but that's ok. Here's what I was doing wrong...I weigh myself every day, and when you do this, you will see wild fluctuations. It's ok to weigh yourself every day, but don't believe the fluctuations, the good or the bad. Just know that it will even out over time. I may weigh 245.2 tomorrow morning, but I could also weigh 241.6 the morning after. But 3 weeks from now, my fluctations will in the under 240 range. I guess I believed the hype that I would lose 20 pounds a month for the first 3 months, 15 pounds a month for the next 3 months, and 12 pounds a month for the 3rd trimester. A bit ambitious, but my doctor told me this was an average. Not so in my case...I definitely averaged 20 pounds/month for the first 3 months, but for the second 3 month period, I'll probably average 7-8 pounds/month, far below the 15 pounds/month I originally expected. But that's ok...I'll be under 200 by fall at some time. Haven't been there in 25 years. Good luck to all.
  12. Looking at the results, a few observations: 1. We are all happy, and would do it again. This runs counter to what you hear in the media, or through people that know someone who had the surgery. When I tell people I had the surgery, it seems that they inevitably know someone who had it, gained the weight back, or had complications. This could be because the surgery has evolved, or maybe unhappy people tend to not frequent this message board. 2. Nobody is following an eating plan 100%. Seems alot of us are in the 85-90% range. For me, I know what I can and can't eat, but sometimes I bend the rules. 3. More people avoid dumping than what I would have guessed. Prior to the procedure, I was under the impression that some foods would make me dump, and it's a horrible thing to go through. I've had some episodes where I have an elevated heartbeat, and maybe I feel a bit nauseous, but nothing too bad. If that's as bad as it gets, then I'm ok. But it certainly wasn't nearly as bad as what I was led to believe. Maybe I'm not truly dumping...
  13. I am 4.5 months post-op, and I have no trouble at all with wine. I know that alcohol is considered a bad thing by many, but this is primarily because of the way your body now handles alcohol, as well as the potential to transfer one addiction to another. On numerous occassions I have had 1-3 glasses of wine, and it is definitely different. One glass of wine feels like 6 beers pre-surgery. It hits you fast and hard, but it also wears off fast. I've spoken with many doctors about drinking wine after the procedure, and the answer is always the same- as long as your body can handle it, and you aren't drinking to excess, you'll be fine. I'd experiment at home- I don't dump, so that isn't an issue. But I also wouldn't drive after drinking even a single glass of wine.