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  1. Denied...Again

    I would keep on plugging away at getting approved. You are only 4/10s shy of the requirement and if you can get them to approve for payment thats a whole lot nicer than paying off a loan. You should get your sugar level checked via a glucose tolerance test so that you know for certain, but not only for the purpose of surgical approval, for the purpose of knowing if you are either glucose intolerant or diabetic. Diabetes is a dangerous disease, and most certainly more dangerous if undiagnosed and untreated. I should know, as mine went undiagnosed for at least a year, even though I had every single symptom but my blood sugar on a NORMAL blood draw never indicated a sugar issue. I have permanent damage to my right eye and it took me being hospitalize for 5 days before they ever isolated the diabetes as an issue. I do live in the country, and we are a little backwards out here as far as medical attention goes, so don't panic based on my story. Just be as diligent about getting diabetes ruled out as you have been about getting approved for this surgery. Good luck!