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  1. I have found this to be true as well. Right after surgery - I couldn't handle anything sweet (even chocolate protein powder) and even now - 2+ years out - I can have sweets in the house and I completely ignore them. So, not sure if it is just a happy side-effect or ????
  2. I am a Software Tester - and was just promoted to a Senior last Thursday...they menioned they had seen a very huge improvement in my attendance and everything over the last year. Amazing what not having over 400+ blood sugars does for your personality and health... So - bonus!
  3. I am not a big fan of exercise either - but I have found one thing I actually like doing. Over Christmas, my sister bought her Granddaughter the Wii game Just Dance for Kids. While we were together, my sister and I tried it out - it really kicks your butt! So I bought myself the kids version as well - I figured the adult version would just not be possible. Any way - try to make it fun - that might help. Also - I haven't done a lot of exercising - mostly just walking - and not consistently - I definately think my weight loss totals could be better and the exercise could be the difference (well - among other things
  4. We can be our own worst enemy - I also fight against negative thoughts changing my goals or making it 'ok' to not be careful with my diet. I think the suggestions made are great - but just wanted to let you know you are not alone in the stinkin' thinkin'.... Also - at 19 it is a pretty good bet that your skin will eventually shrink back to some degree. Losing 90 pounds is amazing - your body needs time to catch up. One of the reasons that plastics are not recommend prior to at least 18 months out is because the body is still adjusting to the rapid weight loss. Take some time to heal mentally and think about why you did this in the first place. Find someone to talk to - professionally - about the emotional side of being healthy. One of the things I think about is that I wish I would have done this a long time ago (not that it was available much when I was 19) - you have a LOT of life ahead of you... Good luck -
  5. Hi Friends... Was wandering through ThinnerTimes and thought I would update this thread. Need to get some things down on paper to keep myself on my chosen path to being healthier! My journey continues – I have lost 90 pounds to date and continue to gain and lose the last 10 over and over again! Very frustrating – but of course, I know why. After the honeymoon period – this has definitely become a lesson in dealing with food addiction and compulsion. Since my surgery, I have done so many things that I forgot I couldn’t do. I know that sounds weird – but things like being able to tie my shoes without being out of breath, put on my socks easily, dress while standing up and actually enjoy a shopping trip because I am not sweating and panting after 10 minutes of walking. Being cold is something that surprises me as well. I spent the winter trying to find the perfect pair of slippers and sweats to keep warm. To my surprise – I fit in my hubby’s sweats which were cozy warm – how fun is that! In October, I actually went to a Software Testing convention in Toronto for my job – by TRAIN (yes, I fit in the seats – omg!) and we WALKED to the Hotel every day from our Hotel and it was a bit of a walk – at least a mile – and I wasn’t even out of breath. That trip was really one of the highlights of my weight loss journey so far. I just LOVE traveling and being able to do so again is a real bonus. So those are the good things – what has not gone well. Well – one, I love food and I use it when I am happy or sad or bored. I went into a stall in early September and could not get below about 92 pounds lost – just up 2, down 3, up 4 - down 4 – for weeks and weeks – made me crazy. Then Christmas, all the family here, so I just said – what the heck. After the holidays – I was ready to get back on track and did what we all do when we want to do that and joined a gym… Been there less than 10 times… At least it is not horribly expensive. I read Aviator’s thread on the three day sleeve test – and was going to do it earlier this year – but didn’t. I started it again on Monday and feel I have such a new commitment right now. I am doing really well with the liquids. The thing is, I don’t’ really get hungry – it is head hunger and emotional eating. This test is making me realize the mental game I play with myself even more. There was something in October of 2009 that made me decide to change my life – something inside of me that was determined. I have found that again and feel very empowered. I have recently been able to get off another medicine (anti-depressant) which is a big victory for me. I feel good and am motivated to keep going forward. I do not regret my sleeve – but sometimes wonder if I would have lost more weight with the bypass. However, I still would have the same food issues no matter which surgery I choose. I think the best thing I can do for myself is be thankful for the surgery I had and not think the grass is always greener. One good thing – even with the mega stalls (or horrible habits creeping back in) I was still losing inches – that is sooo true! I was mostly feeling horrible about myself and everyone was saying – ‘Hey – looking good – still losing’! The body is strange – don’t know why it suddenly stops dropping weight – but sort of redistributes it or something. Funniest thing I have heard since losing weight is one of my younger (male) co-workers says to me – “you’re getting kind of Hot!” To which I replied “You make me laugh”….and I thought to myself – my husband thought I was Hot before I lost weight, and that is why he gets to live with me. But, isn’t it funny what people will say to you when you are losing weight. Ah, so many things to catch up on – the kids – good grief – one left the army…the other is wandering around downtown doing heaven knows what….I will update soon. Hope everyone is well and sorry I dropped out of sight for so long – I was enjoying my new world too much and forgot how I got there.
  6. I am a little more than a year out - and can eat about 6-8 ounces - but it definately depends on the texture of what I am eating as well. I still do very little if no carbs (especially bread) it just fills you up and nothing else fits. I still struggle with eating too fast. My weight has slowed down considerably - mostly due to problems with exercising.
  7. Just so this thread - so getting in a little late - not nearly at my goal - but need to cleanse after the holidays. I can definately tell when I have done a carb overload now - just feel crappy. So began today - will see how this goes. Been struggling with the addiction (food) more lately than I would like to admit. I am so happy with where I am, but get too 'comfortable' and start making bad choices. I think a lot of it is a mental game for me at this point.
  8. Hope all works out ok for you...very sad
  9. I think I have lost about 8 pounds so far this month. However, I have also been playing around with different foods and didn't exercise for a week. I am oh so happy with my results. I, of course, still want to lose more weight - but how I FEEL now is so incredibly different than I did 8 months ago - like night and day. That is, to me, the biggest reward. It is easy to compare to everyone else and wonder why I haven't lost what this one has and even feeling a little smug when realizing I've lost more than this one in the same amount of time. Really, we are all different with different experiences - so I've learned to try not to compare - but it is hard. I have noticed lately, that my weight lose is a little slower - but my weight is shifting or something, cause I look different. One 3 week period - I didn't lose an ounce and I had people telling me everyday I was getting smaller and - this can be a very strange journey too.
  10. Hello So, now that I am almost 8 months out from surgery and the weight loss is slowing down some, I was wondering if there is any advice from long-time sleevers regarding on-going diet choices, etc. I still seem to gravitate towards the 'mushier' foods like scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. Some meat I handle ok but some I can only eat like 3 oz and I feel uncomfortable. How much does your sleeve hold now? What are your carb and fat guidelines? I just want to compare what I am doing to others. According to the doc I should be up to about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of food (but it all depends on the texture) and he doesn't really have guidelines about carbs or fat - just "low". So being the somewhat detail oriented person a I am, I need hard numbers!! I still use the protein supplements and still don't exercise as much as I should. I will update more on my 'story', but interested to hear how other sleevers are doing....
  11. I have a GF as well, and it works good. However, I have a problem with Chicken in general - it just doesn't go down well. Especially the breast - do better with the dark meat - which if most like due to the dryness. I think I will try the brine as well...good tips!
  12. Hello I was just wondering how you were doing. I had pain in different parts of my abdomin for about 2 weeks - it was really bad and nothing like what I was expecting - and mostly from the gas. I would get localized pain in one part of my body one day and then a different part the next. It does eventually go away. I had a drain for the first week as well. I remember asking the nurse in the surgeon's office why they didn't tell us about the horrible pain...I don't remember her answer.... At about 2.5 weeks out, I did get a horrible muscle spasm in my back on the right side. It just seemed like one thing after another - but it is all worth it in the end - truly! Hope you are feeling better
  13. Hello I had surgery on Wednesday in the am - and was able to go home Friday early afternoon. Had to have the leak test, go potty (all) before I could go home. Then spent a month at home before going back to work. I was in pain for about a week afterward - the gas thing...and then just getting strength/energy back. I was able to take the time off - so I did. I guess if I hadn't had short term disability - I would have gone back to work 2 weeks earlier - but would have had an energy problem. Cyndi
  14. Hello Post-Surgery I was taking over 100 units of insulin a day and my h1c (or ah1c - can never remember) was a 12! Average blood sugars in the 300's. I had been a type II diabetic for about 12 years and on insult for about 5. My last labs (about 3 months ago) showed a h1c of 6.7, average sugars 130 and I take no insulin and no pills. I am sure they are even better today (have appt this month). I don't think the diabetes is resolved completely yet for me - but I have quite a bit of weight to lose still. However, I feel so much better and do not have problems with sugar highs at all. Good has made such an amazing difference in my life! Cyndi
  15. Hello I have been having the same problem - I think I have lost the same 5 pounds 4 times over the last two months! However, people have just recently told me that they can see I am still losing weight. So I think it is just my body adjusting. I don't think you are done - but I understand how frustrating it is that the scale is not moving. Don't give up - just keep doing what you know you should and eventually things should move again. At least that is what my belief is right now!