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  1. it really does sound like an allergy. Take Benadryl & apply hydrocortisone topically. Use plain coconut oil to moisturize. Make sure you are getting enough water and some fat in your diet (coconut oil, avocado etc).
  2. Oh Sweetie- I am So sorry for you loss. My angel baby is still in my heart as well. I have done extensive research tho and you should know that your weight did NOT cause your miscarriage! Miscarriage is almost always caused by a genetic problem ( my angel baby had Turner's) Did they study the tissue for genetics? Obesity is much more likely to cause infertility/ inability to get pregnant due to the higher levels of estrogen that our fat holds onto. Hence, it's so much easier to get preggo after WLS. I am 39 and rocking an 11 week old. I am already thinking about another! Good luck on your journey! You are worth loving and you will be a mother!
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    I can't address the twins aspect but I'm 38 weeks out with a singelton and have had no complications due to my RNY surgery. At this point I am having trouble eating because I have 8.5 pounds of baby squishing what was already a tiny stomach!
  4. Crystal- WOW congratulations!!!!! I too had a long journey with IF before WLS. I will pray that things go smoothly for you and your lil bean. Looks like you should have some very happy holidays coming up!
  5. I didn't realize how close our due dates are together. I am so impressed that you can manage to do even normal activity, let alone think about excercise. While I am not on official bed-rest any more my pelvis HURTS so much when I move. I can't wait to be a mommy AND get back to some excercise. I plan to beg my OB to strip my membranes on Tuesday. Are you on Facebook? I find it easier to keep up with people there than here.
  6. I kind of disagree. As uncomfortable as I am at 36/37 weeks I can't imagine doing this while carrying an extra 80+ lbs. Not only that but at this healthy weight I have had NO complications... and I got PG 3 mos after surgery. I know so many people who are dealing with gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia etc. I am VERY glad my weight is healthy. Pregnancy by itself is hard enough.
  7. Hi Everyone, I haven't been on in a while. Bedrest due to pelvic pain and only using my phone to try to post was impossible. I'm 36wks 3 days now. Really ready for Lily Marie to make her appearance. As of last week she is already 7 pounds! I'm up 20 lbs, but if 7 of that is baby, plus placenta, water, boobs... I'm thinking I should have it off pretty quick. And my doc is pleased with how everything is going. Tomorrow I'm having accupuncture to see if we can get things moving. I'm 70% effaced and 2 cm dialated. Lets get this show on the road.
  8. Congratulations Kelly!!! He's beautiful and shares a b-day w/ my sister! Hoping Lily comes out soon to join him!
  9. Hey Beca- I've heard that there are some yoga positions you can do to encourage baby boy to flip. I doubt it's the surgery, more likely he is just stubborn! Lily is still breech too, but we have plenty of time for her to flip. After all I'm still feeling kicks and rolls!
  10. Jenn- You're beautiful!!! I can report that DH IS making changes for his health!!! I did a spreadsheet of calories, fat, protein and fiber of the various fast food he likes to eat for lunch... and we were both shocked! Some of the "healthy" choices he thought he was making had as many calories and more fat than eating 2 Big Macs:eek:! Anyway, it has been 2 weeks, he is down 20 lbs and making more informed choices about what he is eating. No, he's not perfect by any stretch, but at least he is trying. Baby lily is doing great. We are 27 1/2 weeks and I've got my OB appts set up for the duration. She definately has sleep/wake cycles and get's her excercises in when I sit quietly. Sometimes it makes me chuckle when I get a hard kick in the middle of a quiet moment. She is still head up, but it's early yet. can't wait to hear updates for everyone!
  11. Karen- he he- I'm 27 weeks pregnant and don't want him even thinking about sex. I think I'll leave that ace in the hole until after the baby arrives and I get my mojo back! Love the thread tho! I can report good news. DH has watched everything that has gone into his mouth since the surgery! No sweets. Low fat. He also read the book "You: on a diet" by Dr OZ and the South Beach diet book. He's ready to make some serious changes!Woo Hoo! He's eaten whole wheat bread this week without complaint and is down 17 lbs in a week. Yes, I know a lot of that is water weight but I also know how good that feels to have a jump start. Now to keep him on a roll. He's asking intelligent questions and is eating foods he wouldn't have considered before this scare. He's even taking a fiber supplement (important to keep the diverticulitis from re-appearing). Anyway obviously this makes me very happy, even if we are now 10 days behind schedule on getting the nursery ready. Also Hooray! I'm in my 3rd Trimester! Lily will be here before we know it!
  12. Wish I could say I'm not gaining weight, but I've just stopped looking! I did want to say that I LOVE the name Iris! It was my great-aunt's name and since DH didn't like it we went with another flower in her honor.
  13. Jenn- Any action on the baby front? Things here are anyting but quiet... on Tuesday evening I took DH to the hospital with severe abdominal pain during our only annual snow storm. Roads were very slick & it took us an hour to get 12 miles... we had an awful time and he was diagnosed with a kidneystone after a CT scan and we were sent home. Again in the snow storm and him still in terrible pain. 3 hours later backin the ER (raining and slushy so roads improved) and got a different doctor. This one apparently knew how to read the CT scan better & did an ultrasound and he was diagnosed with a gallbladder attack and diverticulitis. Thank God we have good medical insurance and a good hospital because 3 hours later he was in surgery. What should have taken 1 hour took 3.5 hours to get the gallbladder out. Apparently it was in terrible shape (gall stones were the size of golf balls:eek:!) and the surgeon was amazed that it hadn't hurt him before now. While the surgeon was in there he decided the colon dod NOT need to be resectioned and that antibiotics would cure the diverticulitis. The surgeon also repaired a hernia. I know other ladies on here have had gallbladder surgery but I'm honestly thankful he's had this health scare. We have a baby coming and he's obese (BMI of 35.8). He has sleep apnea, diverticulitis and His dad had a heart attack at 47.... I really wish he would consider bariatric surgery, but he feels like he just needs to get more serious about watching his weight. Honestly he hasn't been serious about anything except saying he'll "watch" what he eats. He still think eating chicken (fried, breaded etc) is a better choice than lean beef, and that fish (always fried) is healthy. I'm really at my wits end. I make good choices for myself but he is such a picky eater he only likes white bread, white rice etc. he's only started eating vegetables since we met 6 years ago. And to vent a little further may I add his mom brought him some "get well soon" treats. Guess... no really... yup- cupcakes, candy and sugar cereal! I could have strangled her then and there! Any help or advice on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi Ladies- Well I am 24.5 weeks now and Lily is almost 2 lbs! Everything is measuring right where it should. My doctor is pleased with my weight. I'm up 9 lbs total... I'm not happy about that but I did eat crap over the holidays so it's time to pay the piper. Otherwise things look great! I feel her kick all the time now, especially after I eat. She is breech but there is still plenty of time for her to flip. I do my fasting glucose test tomorrow. I'm sure it will come out fine.
  15. DO NOT DO THE GLUCOSE TEST! have your OB talk to your surgeon... we are at VERY low risk for gestational diabetes and there are other tests they can do to monitor your blood sugar. I'm doing a fasting glucose test at 25 weeks and having my A1C monitored.