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  1. @ChangesWillHappenWelcome to the Dark Side
  2. The answer to your questions is yes and yes. You might also see yellow or orange liquid on occasion. Welcome to the Dark Side. I sent you a PM as well.
  3. @meg.langdang Hello. I'm a bit confused. Are you having a gastric bypass or a full duodenal switch?
  4. AAA

    New here

    Hello @cc cross Are you having a full DS or a SADI/SIPS?
  5. @KathleenJohnson Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. As for the ADEKS, no postop I know (more than 1 year out) takes them. They just don't provide enough of what we need. We take our supplements separately. For instance (I won't go through my entire list here) a small sample of what I take includes: Vitamin A, D3, K1, etc. Each is taken in dry form: a tablet or capsule. No gel caps as DSers don't absorb them well. Have you gotten your blood drawn recently? If so, then you and your DS nutrit. and/or bariatic team can work up a plan of what supplements you need and how much to take.
  6. AAA


    Hi Lou. Bob J, welcome to the Dark Side.
  7. Looks interesting. I can only comment as a DSer. This isn't nearly enough for us.
  8. Hi, I had the DS 11+ years ago. Could you tell me if your surgeon will she be performing the full DS or the SADI/SIPS? They are different things. I can only speak to the full DS. I take 40+ vits/minerals per day. I have bloods done 2x year (some practices only require 1x year). I eat 125+ grams of protein per day. All of this is due to the malabsorptive component of the DS. While it helps keep the weight off, it requires you to be diligent regarding your protein and vits/minerals. I also take probiotics each day. This is to help with gut bacteria. I don't eat carbs or junk in public as this can lead to foul smelling gas & stool. I am careful to eat those in private and carry this to go in a public bathroom and a small vial of spray perfume to spray my butt if I have gas (which as I said isn't often in public bc of how I eat in public). If you decide to have a DS, it's a good idea to have a Dexa bone density scan - preop. This will give you a good baseline. Also, keep all your lab and blood reports. You need to stay on top of your numbers bc while the surgeon's offices are helpful, sometimes they won't see a change as clearly as you will. I have some DS friends who have made Excel spreadsheets. I haven't; but I have all my bloods from preop on and study the last few each time I have a blood draw to compare where I am. So, as you can see, the DS is a surgery where it's helpful to be organized and proactive. That being said, I eat protein every 2-3 hours, never count calories, and never feel deprived (bc I can always be eating).
  9. I've told no one but my immediate family and physicians (as they need to know). As ShrinkMe said, you don't have to tell if you don't want to. Think carefully as you can't unring the bell. However, many tell and are glad they did. It's a very personal choice.
  10. You can eat a lot, that's true. But mostly a ton of protein. I eat every 2 hours or so. Thanks, you'll get there, too .
  11. Slighty. It takes much more time for a surgeon to learn, is more complicated to do and is a much longer operation. As for DSers; it requires one to be very proactive with vits/minerals/blood tests.
  12. Hello. I'm a long term DSer. It's my understanding Dr. Cottam does the ( loop DS aka SIPS) and not the traditional DS. It's less agressive. You might want to ask him to explain the difference. Yes, the DS is the most aggressive. Yes, you have to take many supplements daily, blood tests (1x or 2x per year depending on your surgical team). However, you have the best chance to lose the most and keep it off. But there are some disadvantages. I'd be happy to discuss it all with you if you like Just PM me.
  13. Step away from the scale. I only weighed when I went to my surgeon's office that first year. So it was at 3 mos., 6 mos., and 1 year. That way I missed the ups/downs/stalls. Maybe that would help you out.