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  1. Ladies thank you so much for your kind words. I am 10 weeks out and think I have finally turned the corner. I still have a small hole where the Fleur de Lis came together. But much better. The doctor is very happy now after 2 rounds of wound vac one with the silver gauze. Amber, wow that is a lot to go through. I have had a number of stitches that they have had to pull out. But mine would leak for a few hours and close up, lucky I guess. I just think out poor bodies have gone through so much that they rebel on us at times. My doctor said he would do the scar revision for me at anytime in the future. He laughed and said he knew I didn't want him coming close to me with a scalp anytime soon. Next steps are too heal and get back to walking and exercising. I can't believe how much I miss that. Thank you both, Cherryl
  2. Thank you for the input Bellamoma. I guess being 50 and having skin that was stretched so much was too much to hope for a no issue recovery. One day at a time. Thank you.
  3. I need advice. I had a Fleur-de-Lis Abdominoplasty and breast lift on April 26th - 5 weeks ago. I still have a small hole under my left breast that I am packing, but it is healing. My major concern is my stomach. I had 12#'s of skin removed and where the 4 incisions came together separated at 4 week mark. I packed them for a week. When I went back yesterday to my plastic surgeon he put a negative pressure wound care system on me. He says it will help in the healing and with the scaring. My surgeon has been great, no complaints there. However, I am very worried about the fact that I am still dealing with this 5 weeks out. Has anyone had any experience with this? I was hoping to have a followup surgery to have implants added to my breast lift. Now I am very worried that I will not heal from that. I am a non smoker so not sure if I am not doing something correct or if I am just one of the unlucky bad healers. Thanks for any advice I can get. Cherryl
  4. Sorry if this has been asked, but I couldn't find it. I will need to have a colonoscopy soon. Mom had colon cancer last year and the dr. wants me to have one just to be on the safe side. Has anyone had any experience with the procedure after Gastric Bypass. I am a bit worried about the bowl prep cleanse. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cherryl
  5. I hope all are doing well. Sorry to say I gain 50lbs back between years 3-4. Let it stay there until I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I hired a personal trainer the first of July and have lost 25lbs. I know 4 months and only 25lbs. But I am living my life and enjoying it and learning how to eat with my new stomach. I will say the trainer doesn't believe in the drastic calorie restrictions. He says and I believe him that you can't maintain it. so I have been eating more and eating healthy. Tracking everything that I eat. Keeps you honest. I still have another 25 to loose and if it takes 6 months it takes 6 months. I just suggest cleaning up your diet and trying to do cardio and weight training. Yes I hate it too, but feel so much better after I do it. also the trainer has kept me honest. When I know I am going to have to pay him I go. also I weigh in once a month with him as well. Good luck all, Cherryl
  6. Please make sure and tell your dentist that you have had GBS and that he understands the effects it could have on sedation. No matter how far you are out. I found this out the hard way yesterday. Yes I am almost 5 years out and in the past have told my dentist. New dentist, new insurance. I didn't even think about telling him, I'm 5 years out. Big mistake. I had to have a numbing shot and half way through the procedure it started wearing off. Once I was able to get it across to them what was happening they stopped and gave me another shot, but wow was that painful. After the procedure was over, I talked to the dentist and he said that he had had a couple patients in the past with GBS and he always had to split procedures up or provide additional numbing shots. Too be honest I don't even think about having GBS anymore. Well not until yesterday. Cherryl
  7. So I am an old timer. I had RNY 4 1/2 years ago. You can abuse your tool and I will be the first to admit that at about the 3 year mark I started pushing the limits and lost contact with my pouch. I put on 50lbs of the 145 I lost. So that is the scary part. The hopeful part is that I caught myself before I gained it all back. Over the last couple months I have been able to detox off the carbs, got back to the gym and can once again feel my pouch. I have lost close to 20lbs in those two months but it is not easy like it was after surgery. Please never stop tracking, never loose touch with your pouch, it is so hard to get back on track. But if you do it can be done, but much slower and much more difficult. One other thing, please watch your alcohol intake. I have a friend that transferred her addiction to food to alcohol, and has gained most of her weight back. Good luck, to you all, Cherryl
  8. It will take you a couple weeks to get those carbs out of your system. I had to do something so I hired a trainer and have gone back to the clean eating we all did after surgery. I don't do the liquids, but I eat protein first and then veggies and fruits. I hope I have kicked the carb cravings. 12lbs in a month. Clean eating will bring the tool back to you.
  9. I am very suprised that I have not heard anyone talk about EMSAM. EMSAM is a transdermal patch so no pills. It is used for depression and has been amazing for me. Since it is a patch there are no absorption issues. I do take half a clonazapam(sp) each night to help me sleep. I don't believe either have had any effect on my appetite. Sorry for your loss and hope you can find some releive.
  10. All, I am 4 years out, wow that is weird to say. I am on the same dose of levoxyl as I was prior to surgery. I would say that you need to make sure to have a 2 hour window between taking your thyroid meds and your calcium. The calcium prevents the absorption. My mom had thyroid cancer years ago and had her's removed. I still have mine, but it doesn't work at all. I actually take more meds than she does. I really don't think it has had much effect either way on my weightloss.
  11. I know this is an old post, but had to say I have been wearing a patch for a couple years now for depression and it is the best thing arouns. It is called EMSAM. Works amazingly and since you don't take a pill it doesn't have to metabolize or interact with your other meds. Cherryl
  12. This is exactly what i needed. I love the idea of writing down the goals. I have printed out the post and am thinking of laminating a list of my goals, so I can carry with me. It is just a reminder that I need. Thank you
  13. All, I thought I would pass on what I have found that works great for me after surgery for my depression symptoms. So to start out I have dealt with depression my whole life, but pretty much managed it on my own and at times I was on medication. After gastric bypass my symptoms got much worse, probably due to all the hormones rushing through my body with the weight loss. I went to a great doctor who has some experience with obese patients and with people who have had gastric bypass. She prescribed a patch called EMSAM. It goes through the skin and doesn't have to be digested. It doesn havea few side effects in that it can affect your sleep. I have to take mine off every night a couple hours before I go to bed or I don't sleep. Also it is not cheap, I have great insurance and it is $70 if I mail order it for 3 months at a time. The company that makes it also provides discounts if you don't have insurance. My amazing doctor also just recently prescribed me with Deplin. It is a food suppliment that is a form of folic acid. After doing my research it helps the antidepressant work better. It isn't actually an antidepressant. Finally while doing my research I rad multiple times that people with a BMI over 30 are more likely to be resistant to the antidepressant meds so the Deplin helps with that. My disclaimer, I am not a doctor and don't play one on tv. This is just what I have found that works for me and might help others out there to talk to their doctors about. Thank you, Cherryl
  14. i know this sounds crazy but I am very sensitive to smells too. I have a few different lip balms that i use all the time. One smells like lemons and the other is mint. Since I put them on right under my nose it cuts down on the smells. Not sure if you like the smell of tea tree oil or not, but I have brought it to work and put it on a cotton ball. It is pretty strong, but I like the smell. The getting up every hour to walk around if it is just to walk around your floor will help. Cherryl
  15. You look amazing. Gratulations on a job well done. I totally understand what you mean about finally loving yourself. I also have to ask about your Cavalier. I have one and he is the love of my life. Cherryl