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  1. For me learning to weigh and measure was extremely important in making the transition in eating. I was very black and white in my thinking. If I eat food on the bone, for example chicken wings, I weigh the serving then weigh the bones to find out how much I really had. Using 1/2 cup bowls helped too. I purchased several measuring cup sets at Walmart and put the 1/2 or 1/4 cup right in the package so I don't have to search. (My wife loves to hide things in the dish washer.) How this helps. /mike/
  2. I think you are probably overly ambitious with that school schedule. Maybe you could take an online class instead of daily travel. Also you might be able to audit the class, then if you really can handle the stress you would have a great overview to complete the course next time it is offered and no penalty if it becomes too much for you. Just some ideas. /mike/
  3. Thanks everyone. I am not anti exercise and agree with you. I see so many in my support group struggling with the issue. My wife has taken up Zumba. I do it pretty good, but it ain't Pretty with all the extra skin flapping. /mike/
  4. Cin, Thanks for pointing your research out. I know from nothing about Calcium. All I know it they taste great, have free samples and I think maybe the sign said something about Calcium. /mike/
  5. Never deprived. I am amazed how a normal restaurant portions are satisfying. We now eat out a places I would not go because I thought the portions were too small. I try to limit my mindless automatic eating to popcorn. /mike/
  6. GNC has some good flavored chews. Also free samples so you do not have to invest, just to try them. /mike/
  7. Good for you. I seldom stop at the quick shops. As luck would have it DW wanted a bag of ice and a bottled water. So I went in one yesterday. BAM, Reese's candy everywhere. I now remember one of the reasons I stay away from those places. They had the new small Reese cups by the register and I picked one up and read the nutritional label. Didn't buy any. We travel in our RV allot and my favorite fueling spots are overwhelmed with candy since they got new owners. /mike/
  8. My wife says it is incredible how much our grocery store spending went down. Problem is that over time we get used to the current costs and are really forgetting how much more it used to cost. The real big change is our eating out costs. Average check has gone down allot. Our average check used to be pretty big. I almost always ordered appetizers and desserts with the entr
  9. Congrats. Enjoy the journey. I had a bit of saved anger a few days into the pre-surgery liquid diet. My fat was not happy. It passes and like grief better to experience it than avoid or deny it. It passed pretty fast when it realized I was serious about this thing. Please consider maybe perhaps not viewing this transition "of my life" as a negative thing. Full size eating is why I ended up in Plus size. Give it year, I'll bet you will be able to eat everything you like just not in our old lifestyle quantities . I resisted weighing and measuring and portion control, life is just so much better without the weight. Keep us update (a new tread topic might be a good idea. Anyway I can help, just ask. /mike/
  10. I was tagging along with a female on a shopping trip for new smaller jeans. I was there to give my expert opinion on how her rear looked. We were at a major department store. She went to the same department she always used. Put her in a pair to try on and of course they were baggy. I asked where the sizes were and the sales lady was embarrassed. Finally she said something about "Honey you need to go to the other side of the store to the petites department." So goodbye to Women's to Regular to Petites. Long story short. Got her some new hot jeans, However even over there I had to send in a couple smaller sizes as accepting the new cut / sizes was not easy I guess. I just thought it was great to be thrown out of a big department. I have been sent to the big/tall (big/huge) department so many years that I was shocked when they did it to me. /mike/
  11. Your doing great. I still use the protein power as an easy way to insure I get my 70 grams without a lot of meal planning. Keep up the good work. Any reflux will be addressed / resolved by your doctor. Most take PPI's in one form or another. /mike/
  12. I was reminded to consider percentage of body fat in the mix. I wonder just how important exercise really is? (And I don't mean Biggest Loser crazy)? Losing for me has been mainly about lower weight numbers and smaller sizes, and BMI's. I have yet to set foot in a gym or any purposeful walking, except for some bike riding. I have always considered exercise as a diet trap. People who end up needing WLS can't exercise enough to win that battle, or they would. Whenever I did some kind of routine, my head always expected a bigger payoff than I ever received. /mike/
  13. Thanks for starting this tread. Percent of body fat is something I have ignored, and frankly did not consider. The exercise and moving is the one area that I just refused to do. Great to see others ARE doing it and getting great results. /mike/
  14. Good advice. A pill cutter is a wise investment. Check with your doctor before experimenting with either. /mike/
  15. WOW! Thanks for the report. You a doing great. /mike/ p.s. Consider changing your definition of decent portion, to 3 bites? Sounds crazy but it has worked for me. Most anything I cook, I eat some of it. I just made a couple rules. One is sitting down when it goes in my mouth. The other is for me, after 3 bites I am continuing for the sheer joy of eating, not hunger or taste.