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  1. I meet with my surgeon 2 weeks from tomorrow and I am super excited. I have been researching this for awhile now and I have a list of questions to ask him. Hopefully in doing this, my mother in law will also see that I'm serious about this and will relax a little bit. I know she is just nervous and apprehensive but not everyone is the same. I need to get back into drinking my water, I've slacked a few days. But, I will get it. Hopefully I will be able to start going to the gym next month, when my insurance kicks in-that I am super excited for. I took time off from the gym because earlier this year, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and it made my eyesight really bad for a good month (couldn't even drive or see 12 inches in front of me, let alone see my kids -THAT was super hard). The good thing about all that was I managed to lose 45lbs (I was at 298), but I was drinking so much water, I threw my electrolytes all out of whack and was in the hospital for 3 days. It was definitely a scary time. I need to get back on more of a stricter diet again and at least begin my walking again. Get some good habits started NOW so that when it comes time to talk to him and as the time passes, everyone will see that I am serious about this decision. I know it's going to be a tool to help in my weight loss journey and I'm trying not to expect so much, as far as results. My thing honestly-I want to do what I can to avoid excess skin. I know I have a good amount to lose and I definitely cannot afford surgery to remove it. So if anyone has any exercises that helped them not have excess skin, please post below. But I am definitely excited for this new journey of mine. Looking forward to feeling healthier, sexier and having a lot more fun with my family. Please feel free to post any questions that I should ask my surgeon or any tips you care to share on anything regarding hospital stay/diet/exercise/expectations, anything really. Thanks so much.
  2. Hi everyone. So I am in the beginning process of having the gastric bypass done. I meet with the surgeon in about 2 1/2 weeks. My husband and my mom/stepdad and dad/stepmom are super supportive of my decision to do this, as is most of my family. My mother in law is just worried because she knows someone who didn't have the best outcome from it (but he wasn't following the diet either) and my cousin has reservations about it as well. Like I've told my mother in law; I'm not going into this lightly. I'm doing my research and I have a list of questions I am going to ask the surgeon (I've seen nothing but positive reviews on him). It would mean a lot to have her support even though I know for certain, this is what I want to do. I'm excited for the future and the potential outcome from having this surgery done. I know it isn't going to be easy and it will be downright hard at times, but I am overly excited at the same time. I know this is the right thing to do. She also keeps asking me why I don't just stick with diet and exercise. Yes, this whole idea got in motion because I was seeing the surgeon on having a hernia repaired and he suggested doing the weight loss surgery first, as a way to increase the "effectiveness on the hernia surgery, so to speak.," and to lessen any complications. Plus, hopefully it will put my diabetes in remission and I can get off of some of my medication. I plan on getting my gym membership reinstated before hand, so that I can begin working out now and I've been cutting way down on carbonated drinks and drinking more water. I do have my mother in law going with me to my appt, so she can ask the surgeon questions as well. I'm hoping this will put her at ease. But I'm doing the surgery regardless. Sorry for the lengthy post.
  3. Hi everyone. I came across this forum by chance. I am in the beginning stages of gastric bypass. I meet with my surgeon later this month and go from there. I live in a suburb of Chicago with my family. I am trying to gather as much information as I can about this whole process and new way of life; so any information you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. Especially regarding the hospital stay and right after. Thank you and nice to meet you!!
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