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  1. my surgery was 11/10/10 and I am currently eating 1/4cup and will be moving up to 1/3cup in the next few weeks
  2. I too am anxious to try some sushi. I am 8 weeks out yesterday. but my surgeon said that ideally I should wait. He said that my new pouch is not fully functioning with gastric juices and such like a normal stomach would be and a normal stomach can easily tolerate the bacteria associated with undercooked or raw foods. He said it is a risk, although small
  3. I am glad it got to you in one peice. My daghter picked it out. And I got a Christmas pickle!! Oddly, being from pennsylvania and this being a very PA Dutch I knew all about the Christmas Pickle. We have them here. I could either hang the pickle itself or keep it in the jar and hang the jar with the pickle in it. We chose to keep the pickle in the jar as it looked more odd on the tree that way. So Now we have a Christmas Pickle and a Christmas Almond on out tree
  4. thanks, glad to hear. Well it has been sent out. So I am glad to cross that off my todo list. Yes, she has RNY and came home and then when home she was unable to drink because anytime she brought a sippy cup close to her lips she was get nauseated. And she would just sleep and not drink. Eventually she was at teh point that she needed to receive IV fluids again and we went back to teh hospital. Turns out that the anesthesia still in her system was making her somewhat naseated and then the Percocet for pain was amplifing that and she became unabel to sip. So they anesthesia meds wore off, they got her on codine instead, sent us home with a script for Zofran just incase she got nasious again and she got better. Just in time for her to gte a severe case of thrush right when she was starting full liquids and so now everything she tried to eat and drink became a problem. but everything is doing well now.
  5. I am mailing mine out today - sorry. My wife had WLS this month and came home and then got readmitted and then came home and got an infection (not at her incision sites) so I have had the ornament here for a bit but just have not gotten out to mail it. But it is going TODAY - I promise
  6. To me 7 months of consulations and evaluations and such is either to also have a 6month diet in place to satisfy insurance or someone is making money from your insurance company. I mean yes, this is life changing surgery but at the end of the day we are talking about a reletively simple procedure performed by general surgeons, not specialized sureons. However, i have taken some time to lookup and research the thingsimportant to me and while I do come here and respect the opinions of=f everyone here who has one, I use this to judge just what decisions are best for me and my journey. I will double check my iron supplements next time I go take one
  7. I never posted in this thread. Crap. Well TODAY is my day. just a few more hours, I leave to head to the hospital. I can not believe that my day is here! see you on the other side
  8. just to update myself - I have recieved my 90 day supply of Celebrate Chewables on Saturday. And I have a bottle of calcium citrate and a bottle of iron as well.
  9. thanks alot I found the info on the calcium and iron not being taken together but not on the RDA of 200%. TBH, I am fine with the calcium and iron together in one pill because, it is the iron that I wont fully absorb and since I am not a pre menapausal woman, my iron requirement is not nearly as high. Plus the weekend at wal mart, I found a bottle of iron of 250 pills for 5 bucks. this works out to 2 pennies a day or 60cents a month for additional iron. This is why the Fusion, coupled with an extra iron pill seemed like a good plan, until you tossed in the 200% RDA monkeywrench :)
  10. I have been to their site several times and I see mention to the fact that a multivitamin must be taken, I can not locate any information to support how much or what percentages. Could you you link it cause I have to be an idiot to not find it.
  11. This is incorrect. Bariatric Fusion vitamins have 600mcg of B12. Compared to the 350mcg of Celebrate. Aditionally, Fusion vitamins also have calcium citrate and iron in its vitamins. Celebrate does not. You need additonal supplements for calcium and iron. Fusion is also 25 bucks a month and you take 4 vitamins a day. It is by far the most complete vitamin for WLS patients. It is 25 bucks a month. Celebrate are 15 bucks if you buy 90 days, but you still need to add the iron, the calcium and you are getting a lesser quanitity of b12, which all people WLS or not, have a very difficult time absorbing
  12. I am fortunate enough to live 15 minutes from the Hospital doing my RNY. and they have an evening support group. Generally the entire team is present for socializing and askign questions. I have met all sorts of people. I really has become the highlight of my month. I love it there! Additionally, the hospital has a web forum that I am a member of and I am amazed at how word can travel fast from it. For instance, last week I have my final visit with the surgeon and while I was in the room, in my gown, waiting for him, I pulled out my cell phone and took some photos of my fat self posing in my gown. I posted these on the forum, and the next morning my surgeon and the director of the bariatric program had commented on them! Local support trumps all other support (except maybe friends and family)
  13. thanks PK. Also I am taking off for my surgery from Nov 10th and will return to work on Dec 7th. since my wife is having her surgery on Dec 1st. Then I will go back for 5 days and then I will be off again from Dec 12 until Jan 4th. My wife is taking off the week of my surgery and the week of thanksgiving and from Dec 1st until Jan 4th. So while we might be a bit sore and not hungry, our holidays this year as a family will be AWESOME. I just may need to bring an extra hand this year when we go get our christmas tree
  14. WOW! I did not expect such a large amount of folks in here. I am still pretty new and learning all these folks!! Yes my wife and I are both having this done and hopefully we will be alright to help each other. Especially since we have 2 young children. We are actually celebrating Thanskgiving this year on Oct 30 since I wont be really eating much on Thanksgiving and my wife wont be allowed. And my brother's schedule and mothers schedule makes it difficult also so we just decided to move the date up! I have joined a second forum also on WLS. It is small but what makes it cool is it is with the hospital that is doing my surgery and it is just for bariatrics and many of the folks I have met at the support group are also on the forum. I admit that you definately have a different set of emotions after insurance approves. At this point, i know this WILL take place with no more guesswork. It becomes so real at this point
  15. Ok I know I did. Last week, on Monday, my wife got a call. She has been approved!! Then on Thursday, I got a call. I was also approved!! my date is Nov. 10 and her date is Dec. 1st. Time will be flying now. I cant wait. This is exciting