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    Dr. Daniel Davis
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    Vertical Sleeve
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    Dr Daniel Davis

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  1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I agree some people can be so mean, but I believe in karma!
  2. Hi there, not very computer literate but would love to discuss this new lifestyle I'm on with others that are going through it. Is this like texting?

    1. cinwa


      I guess it is like texting but I'm not totally positive - we already have a messaging feature (top right of this page) so I'm scratching my head a little as to what this feature is all about.  

      The whole forum was revamped not long ago and like you, I'm not terribly computer literate either.

      It's terribly quiet here but we can thank the corona virus for that - hopefully things will start to pick up again.

    2. betterlyf01


  3. Wishing you well on your new journey. I am 2 weeks post gastric sleeve and I am getting more familiar with this new life each day Was glad to find this group so I will be able to talk with others going through the same things!
  4. Hi I am 2 weeks post gastric sleeve and it has been a trip! I was thinking I wouldn't feel hungry, but I do. Some of it must be mind hunger, what do you think?
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