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  1. I had it the lower body lift 6 weeks ago and was afraid of tension on the incisions and mostly worried about busting something open and how j would sit and sleep. I barely felt any incision pain at all, the abdominal muscles after being repaired was the worst pain of my lift for the first three days and I’ve had gastric sleeve and two c sections done as well. Outside of abdominal pain it was mostly back pain I dealt with from having to hunch over and I had to use a walker to help take pressure off my back cause I couldn’t be up and around for more than ten minutes for the first week because the back pain would get so bad. I bought a thick foam wedge system off Amazon to sleep on my back sitting up with my legs up so you sleep in sort of a V shape. I made sure before surgery I had something in the car floor board to sit my legs on and just reclined the seat back for my ride home. The doctor told me they do leave a little room in back for tension because they don’t want to worry about something splitting or opening up in back and they know with being hunched over that area will get more tension. I either laid in bed or sat in a recliner for the first 5 weeks and I was fine, they told me I was doing all the right things and never had any openings on my incision. In the beginning I was scared to sit on the toilet to pee so first I literally was peeing in the shower and then I got one of those camping cones that women can use to stand up and pee and it was perfect. After about two weeks I positioned the walker at the back of the toilet to lift myself on and off of it and sat back at an angle when using the restroom.
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