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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I did get a response to my email. She said it is a common diagnosis for people pursuing bariatric surgery and that it is simply relating to weight gain relating to excess calories (and nothing to do with anorexia or bulimia) . She also said this diagnosis won't hinder me from pursuing bariatric surgery. I can attest to that as I got my surgery date this morning (June 23rd).
  2. Got my surgery date this morning. It's 2 weeks from today! June 23rd. Had to hit the liver shrinking diet full force right out of the chute. Thankfully I had some "supplies" on hand and will do a run to the grocery store in the morning. I still can't believe this is happening. Lara
  3. This is my first post... I just found the notes from my psych eval on Healow (the app the clinic uses for communication and record keeping) one of the "problems" now listed in my chart is "eating disorder - unspecified type." I'm dumbstruck, shocked, scared, don't know what to say... The only time we talked about my eating I said I was a "grazer" and tended to eat throughout the day and didn't really eat set meals other than dinner. But other than that we didn't really talk about my eating habits. Now I'm worried this is going to derail things. Here I'm thinking this was the last hoop I neede
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