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  1. I have not tried G2, however I do drink Gatorade watered down. When I feel too bad I make sure I get a big cup in. I am drinking that now. I will have to get some G2 and try that. Thanks for the tip
  2. I have not been on TT in a while. I am glad I recieved an email from TT b/c it reminded me to check this post. I am still nauseas every day. I hate drinking all the time. It is nice to know that it will pass with time. It's just hard b/c it seems most people with VSG did not get the nausea like me. I barely eat and am completly scared of being malnurished so I eat whatever I can choke down. Yes, anything. I am unable to take anything but my gummy multi vitamins at this time b/c the smell of the reg. vitamins that I need make me gag and I can't get them down, they are just to big and stinky. Thanks for the reply this did make me feel better and realize I need to get on TT more.
  3. Not sure what surgery you had done. I had the sleeve and I can't stand the protein shakes or adding any of it to my food. I add greek yogurt to my smootie along with strawberry yogurt. Greek yougurt has a lot of protein. Whole Foods has a brand that is supposed to be very high in protein. Also I have been drinking Boost with extra protein. I believe it's 18g of protein and they taste pretty good. Meat roll-ups are good. You may still be on puree, not sure. I am supposed to be but I just chew everything really small before swallowing it. Basically it's lunch meat (I use Chicken) and you spread cream cheese on it then roll it up. It's really good and filling. Plus protein Also eggs are great. Scrambled or deviled are nice and soft. I am not a big meat eater so I have to get creative. Wendy's chili is supposed to be healthy and high in protein, but of course I hate Wendy's chili. Hope this helps.
  4. My Dr. just told me to take it once a day after surgery. I have an appt. with him tomorrow. I will discuss it then. I was just wondering if everyone else had this problem and how long it takes for it to go away. The people I know around here never had any problems. I really thought it was that but it's always good to get others opinion. Plus I just need to vent. hehe
  5. I feel nauseas every day, sometimes all day. I don't actually throw anything up. It makes me not want to eat or drink. I feel horrible when I eat. It gives me a stabbing pain then I burp or feel like I am going to. I know that it is gas but it's evertime I eat. UGH!!! I am sure the nausea is from acid reflux/indegestion. But I just can't deal. When I eat it's never more than 1/8 cup, if that. I don't think I have ever felt full. I just stop b/c It hurts and I start to feel too sick to eat. I am thinking I need to take my Pepcid medicine twice a day, but my Dr. told me to take it once a day. I felt like this when I was pregnant but it went away after 9 months. Is this ever going to get better? Has anyone else felt this way?
  6. I was wondering how everyone came up with their goal weight? Nobody told me what mine should be, I just took it from some web site. Also, how long did it take you to get to your goal weight? you guys hiccup a lot? I seem to be and I don't like it. How long did it take for your acid reflux/heart burn/ indigestion to go away? Thanks!
  7. I also found that things taste a lot more sweet since surgery. I had to water down my juice. Good luck with you surgery!
  8. I am two weeks post op today -16lbs I crave food a lot. I had my husband go get me a taco at taco bell. I ate about three tiny tiny bites and it hurt so I just chewed some more bites and spit it out. It tasted so good but having to chew it to the consistency I was supposed to made it taste gross. I was addicted to chocolate so this was hard. I know how good food tastes but it honestly hurts to eat it so I don't really try. I did take a small bite of a Reese cup and that was enough. I had a big problem staying hydrated after surgery so my Dr. told me to drink whatever I want to stay hydrated but not alcohol or anything carbonated. That seemed to work but now I am mostly drinking water. Food tastes just as good as it used to but it doesn't feel good going down. I am hoping I will adjust to not eating all that good/bad food I used to eat, by the time I am on solid food. I think I am more mentally addicted to food than anything. It is sooo good and I really do miss it. I however have not felt full or hungry since surgery. Food hurts too much right now so I am mainly sticking to liquids with a little food every day. My acid reflux is horrible too so it makes me not want to eat. I miss food but at the same time, I am afraid to eat. haha....who would have ever thought?!
  9. Blah, still don't feel well. But a lot better, I am hoping it will get better every day.

  10. I am up and down post op. I have had a lot of dehydration issues. Was in the ER on Monday and back to my surgeon on Wednesday for more IVs. I can't seem to get caught up on my liquids. I feel nauseated a lot. I am basically on the stage one diet still. Every time I eat solids it ends up hurting bad. I have sooooooo much gas (burping) and it hurts and make me feel sick. I ended up getting a UTI from the catheter. They think this could be the reason why I was getting so dehydrated. Oh yeah and every time I take a pill, I feel like its stuck in the back of my throat for an hour, not matter how much I drink after. But I have managed to lose weight 11 lbs since surgery. My sense of smell has gotten really strong, and I don't like it I can't even be close to my husband....I feel pregnant. lol My back just started hurting today and now I am having a pain on my right side and in the middle of my stomach. The pain in the middle is only when touched....weird. I dry heaved from dehydration last week. But it was at 3am, that was weird too. I have not taken any pain meds since I left the hospital. They all made me nauseas and the loritab they sent me home with is a liquid and there is noooo way I am getting that down. That stuff is gross. I can't even focus on my protein and I haven't found anything that is good enough to keep using. I have a really bad gag reflex. I def. feel better since I am hydrated now but I feel like I will never feel normal again. I sometimes ask myself why I did this??? Well now that I am done complaining....any suggestions or help??
  11. How are you feeling lately?

  12. Hey there, I'm gonna be completely honest and say that the surgery went well but the recovery immediately after was an absolute nightmare. I was allergic to the morphine drip and it caused me to throw up blood non stop for about 10-12 hours. They kept injecting me with antinauseas meds but those just made me throw up also. Finally, they gave me loratab (spelling?) and it's worked so much better. I had to stay an extra nigh in the hospital because of all the pain and complications due to meds but I'm home now, resting.

  13. I am not on any pain meds. I stopped taking those the last night in the hospital. I think I am only getting in 12 oz of fluid a day. I cant make myself drink b/c I feel so sick all the time. I set an alarm to go off every min for a half an hour to make me drink every min. This helped but last night I woke at 3am and was dry heaving. I looked so pale like I was half dead. I am wonderin if I should go get an iv? It's very hard for me to go to the er b/c I have a one year old. We cant take him which leaves me to drive. But I am soooo light headed and dizzy that it would be a death sentence. I took zofran last night and this morning for nausea but I still dont feel good. I have been an emotional wreck b/c I don't know what I did to myself. I honestly feel like death sometimes. Did anyone else feel like this???
  14. I had my sleeve on the 15th this past Tuesday. My surgery went great but I am very nauses, hot (no-temp), light headed, and weak. I can deal with the pain but i can not deal with feeling sick (like i am going to throw up). I was told by some other people that i am probably drinking to fast. I really feel like I am drinking slow but it's really hard for me to drink at all becuse i feel like its all going to come back up. I know I need to drink so I try to make myself. Has anyone else felt this way after surgery? I am still on clear liquids.
  15. How are you feeling after surgery? I feel horrible, hope you feel better :)