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  1. Thanks Tracy! I'm educating myself as much as possible beforehand. I hate to be taken by surprise and be clueless!! I appreciate your posts, and all the others that share what's happening with them.
  2. If you have had problems with heartburn in the past, do NOT change surgeries!! I'm 11 years out, I've had an endoscopy. I have another hernia, GERD, stricture and small ulcer. I may end up making a decision to have a revision to RNY!!!!!
  3. Get soup and tell them to strain as many solids out as possible. If you feel like you need to give an explanation, tell them you're on a liquid diet. The BEST soup/broth you can get is at a Mexican restaurant, get tortilla soup, tell them no cheese or extras on top and like I said, as few solids as possible. You can't eat any of them, but it makes it easier to avoid them. It is delish, I had it when I was 2 weeks out, I thought I was in heaven! Further out, you can find something to eat at almost anywhere you go. Don't be shy about requesting no butter or oil added etc. Somethings are already
  4. I have a gel for my hips, I have arthritis. This is what I found, I'm interested in a patch too, I had no idea. This is a cut and paste; Most topical NSAIDs contain the active ingredient diclofenac and can come in a gel, liquid, or patch. What are some examples of topical NSAIDs? Pennsaid solution: This is the liquid form of diclofenac and can be used for conditions such as osteoarthritis. I have to ask you a question, you said the omeprazole caused anemia, I haven't been anemic since I was pregnant with my 43 yr old daughter.....until now. I was put on panpropazole (another PPI) in
  5. I had sleeve surgery 11 years ago. Back then (canned) fat free, vegetarian refried beans were actually recommended. Probably during the soft food stage.
  6. I'll be 11 years in about two weeks. My calorie goal (I just started logging again) is 1300 per day. I had sleeve surgery, at four months out I was getting in approx 600 calories. Look at the nutritional info. I did almonds too until it got to where I could eat too many. A serving is almost 200 calories. (same for 2 TB of peanut butter!!) Keep frozen, bagged shrimp and dip it in a little cocktail sauce. I don't know about rice cakes, calories etc, but PB2 with half a banana sounds a lot better! Good luck, you're doing very good!!
  7. Hi Tracy, I'm in the same boat. I had sleeve surgery in 2010, in less than two years I started having non cardiac chest pain, no rhyme or reason, sometimes sitting here in the LR, sometimes driving and sometimes in the middle of the night. I have trouble swallowing sometimes and until 2019, I was up to eating 8 - 10 Tums every single day. I never put two and two together. Endoscopy showed an ulcer, severe inflammation and a hiatal hernia. He put me on a prescription PPI and that was that. It worked perfect for almost two months, then I started needing Tums again occasionally. He ended up havin
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