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  1. I KNOW the everyone is different, but...

    Before surgery I could eat healthy and strict and lose very quickly (like 5 lbs a week); so why after this surgery am I not losing more than maybe 2 lbs a week? It is so frustrating knowing I could be losing more WITHOUT the surgery. Am I not taking in enough calories? My dietitian says to keep my calories closer to the 300 mark which isn't helping, plus I already HAVE been. Weight loss has been off and on, but now like 1 lb a week.

    I know it is not going to "melt off" for everyone, but all of the doctors, nutritionists, etc told me this was the "honeymoon phase" where I would REALLY be losing.

    PLEASE TELL ME WHAT WORKS FOR THOSE WHO ARE 6-7 WEEKS POST SURGERY!!! As in, what is your calorie intake / activity.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Weight loss stalls in the first few months after surgery are very common.  How is it going now for you?

      We are here to support and inform you.

    2. Brass Monkey

      Brass Monkey

      It can be frustrating to have a plateau.  

      This can happen for a ton of reasons - just stick to it.


      It is physically impossible to not lose weight if you are on a restricted diet.  & to be honest - you will see the scales tip in your favor. 

      Keep in mind that the weight you lost so easily in the past was almost certainly water weight & it came right back.   The weight you are losing now - & will continue to lose is real fat weight loss.  

      Plus it's normal to see physical changes long before you see weight loss.  You will notice your clothes fit differently even though you haven't lost much weight.  


      It took time to add all the weight - it will take some time to drop it too.


      But the good news is - this is just the start! 

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