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  1. Hi so my mom had this operation in 2009 and she has been suffering with complications for years. We did not know that she had been suffering with the complications until now, she has been admitted to hospital and has been suffering with chronic diarrhea for months. However over the last 10 years or so we never had put the two together that everytime she would bloat , be in pain and have diarrhea it was cause by this operation that gave her a very aggressive bacterial infection. A doctor has advised now that this may be a long road ahead. If anyone had go
  2. My mother had gone for this procedure in 2009 before all this information came out. She unfortunately is suffering from the complications and currently is in hospital due to a very aggressive bacteria infection in the small intestine that has been with her for all these years causing damage and havoc in her body. We had never put the two together, however for anyone who had gone for this if you suffer from diarrhea, painful bloating, depression , kidney stones. Then please go have it checked out
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