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  1. Found out the problem. My new blood pressure medicine was causing my intestines to swell. It is a rare side effect, but leave it up to me to get it. lol. So glad to know it is not surgery related.
  2. I have all the symptoms of a bowel blockage like severe cramping coming in waves, dry heaves, profusely sweating and constipated. They have not been able to find out the cause of it with CT contrast scans and x-rays, except the second ER visit they said I have some thickening in my small intestine, but no hernias or blockage. I see Gastroenterologist next week. I am 4 years out with no other complications. It came out of the blue. Anyone else experience this?
  3. Learned a trick to help with going the bathroom. I eat a salad with kale, spinach, romaine and O & V dressing everyday and I go like clockwork. Sometimes twice a day. Kale attracts water to your digestive track and helps get things moving.
  4. I took 325mg of ferrous fumerate for 6 months and my iron is back to normal. Highly recommend this high level of elemental iron. I get it from Amazon. The ones at the local store do not have enough elemental iron in them to do the trick. I feel so much better. I even ran a marathon relay 6 weeks ago.
  5. You may have some scar tissue in your throat from stomach acid or may just need your throat stretched. My husband and his family have genetically small throats and had to have them stretched. It is outpatient and not a huge ordeal. They choked on everything.
  6. I stopped seeing GB dr at 18 months. I plan to see my PCP for an annual visit for bloodwork every year from now on. Annual visits are free.
  7. I have recently been diagnosed with borderline anemia too. They think it may be related to heavy periods, but I also have cut back on meat because I was having trouble digesting it. The kind of iron you take matters too. GB drs recommend taking ferrous fumerate 325mg once a day. I buy it on Amazon. It has the most elemental iron available. Not that expensive and no constipation side effects! I can give you the name of it if you want. I also take 500mg of Vitamin C with the iron because it is supposed to help the body absorb iron. I learned that calcium can keep the body from absorbing iron properly too, so I have to not take the iron within 4 hours of my calcium pill. Timing all these pills can be daunting! My dr says once I get my iron stores back up, I can probably stop taking the iron except when I am having a period. I was so exhausted all winter, had chapped lips and terrible cramps in my legs. With the iron, I feel 100% better.
  8. I think I have not been eating enough meat. I have iron in my multi. My bloodwork was fine 6 months ago. As you know, meat can be hard to eat and digest, so I think I may have been avoiding it too long. I eat a salad everyday for dinner which doesn't leave much room for meat/protein. I have started the iron and I think I feel a little better. I have upped my meat too. I hope I can get it in check because I am sick of taking all these extra pills now!
  9. My bloodwork just came back anemic after two years. That explains why I have been so tired the last few months. I have started taking ferrous fumerate on my own to deal with it. Does anyone else with anemia have any advice how to get my iron back up to par and how long does it take? I don't see my PCP until July and I just don't feel like going to the dr's right now. I can wait, right?
  10. I feel ya! I wonder if it has something to do with the two year mark. I have gained 10 pounds over the last few months and I am just as frustrated, We can do this! I am back to running and upping my protein. I have got to fix this now. We didn't go through all of this to gain it back. We still have the tool, we just need to use it. I think the 5dpt is a great idea!
  11. I just started gaining weight two months ago. I think it has something to do with the cold weather and I can't run outside anymore. I am so upset about it. Now I feel like giving up because I am going back to old habits. I can't screw this up! I think I was spoiled the first 18 months. I could eat what I wanted, which wasn't much, and maintain. My dr told me to expect to gain back 10-15 pounds eventually, but I didn't expect it this soon. I am just praying for some warm weather and my body will go back to normal once I can run outside again. My body doesn't respond to the treadmill.
  12. and my dr did tell me to plan on gaining back 10-15 pounds. That is normal. I just didn't expect it this soon.
  13. I'm glad I have found this post. I am creeping up on the two year mark. I was 158 at my lowest. 135 was original goal. My body just said "uncle" at nine months out. Since the cold weather has hit, I have creeped up to 172. I was running outside before to maintain. I am so terrified that i am going to get fat again. I feel like I am the only person in the world who could screw up weight loss surgery! I am seriously considering moving South so I have the ability to exercise outside everyday. I am that obsessed about it. The gym and treadmill aren't working. I really thought that I was going to get off this bad-mouthing of myself about weight once and for all. Boy, is weight a lifetime struggle! I am trying to not be too hard on myself and pray the weather breaks soon.
  14. If you had asked me this question a year ago, I would have said yes. I am now 18 months out and settled in with the permanacy of the surgery. It was a long first year dealing with regret about having the surgery, the initial side effects of the surgery, marital problems from my husband's new found jealousy and trying to feel "normal' again. I really have made the "GB diet" my lifestyle now. Protein first! I never met my goal but I realized that it was unrealistic and too thin for me. I put on 5 pounds over the holidays and I have to get back to basics. I am happy that I have this tool in my body to help. I am still very fearful of long term side effects, but I will have to just deal with them as they come. My dr said as long as I follow the rules, I should be ok. I am very vigilant with my vitamins. My only regret is that I let myself get so fat in the first place.
  15. My PCP set my goal, not GB dr. He would never give me a goal. So weird! PCP said that I should ge back to my weight when I was 21, which was 135 and then settle in around 150 because everyone gains some back. The lowest I go to was 158 and I gained a few back up to 163. The dr says that I am probably not going to lose much more without MAJOR effort, which I will not do. lol. I am comfortable at this weight although not reaching my goal upsets me sometimes. I am focusing on health and muscles at this point. I need to tone up what's left. I am off the scale for awhile. I need a break.
  16. I have no problems with drinking any alcohol. I do get drunk fast, but it goes away just as fast. I don't enjoy the buzz like I used too. It is a strange drunk. I have gained a few pounds from the alcohol so I have cut way back. You are not destined to become an alcoholic because you drink after GB. You have to be in control like everyone else. Everything in moderation. I was a social drinker before GB and I continue to be. No problems here. I do try to stick to low carb drinks like Crystal light and vodka.
  17. And DON'T read the horror stories on the internet. They will freak you out! There are more positive outcomes, but no one posts that because they are happy and living their lives! I made the mistake of reading them and almost canceled my surgery. I am so glad I didn't.
  18. I went from band to bypass last year. Best thing I ever did! The band was a nightmare after the first year. All I did was throw up. My dr told me at my last visit that I did the best thing by getting rid of the band. It may even come off the market eventually. The bypass has its own risks, but as long as you do as you are told by your dr, you should be ok. Anyone can have complications, but you can minimize your risk by being a good patient. I follow all the rules especially the vitamins. The recovery for the bypass was harder and longer, but the results are well worth it. Message me with any questions.
  19. My PCP picked it based on what I weighed when I was 18 years old. I am supposed to lose 100 lbs to be 135 and then he said settle in around 150.He aid most people gain some weight back down the road, so he told me to go under what is probably a healthy weight for me for wiggle room. I have been stuck at 158-160 for 3 months and the surgeon told me that I am probably settling in at this point and will not lose much more. Luckily, I am pretty happy at this weight.
  20. Some advice that worked for me in the first few months after surgery is that not eating enough food can make you stall. My Dr told me to add 2 more protein snacks a day and the scale started moving again. My body was in starvation mode. I have been stalled for 3 months. Just the last week have I lost another 2 pounds. That is frustrating! I just try to remember that the weight loss is like steps and that maybe my body is taking a breather on a step for now. I can't wait until all this snow goes away and I can get outside for exercise. C'mon Spring!
  21. Along with thinner hair, my hair color has changed for the better. I used to have my hair highlighted to a bleach blonde because I like it and my hair was getting darker and darker. I have not colored my hair in a year and it is blonde as can be. It has gone back to the color I had growing up. I am ok with the thinner hair because I love the color so much. What a money saver! Also, my hair is a lot healthier with no bleach which helps keep it from falling out. What a weird reaction to the surgery, but I will take it! I do hope my hair comes back a little thicker eventually. I will up the protein and see if it works. I am a fan of Premier Protein as well. Costco has the best price for the shakes that I have found.
  22. It just dawned on me when thinking about New Years resolutions that what diet I am going on this year is not one of them. Yahoo!!! So freeing!
  23. My dr told me to wait a year. I made it 4 months. lol. I am 10 months out now and I drink on weekends. Usually wine or a bloody mary. I do get drunk very quickly but sober up just as fast. I tend to only drink at home just in case something hits me wrong. My dr said one drink a day is ok. I usually have 4 drinks over the whole weekend. I stopped drinking for 2 months recently to see if it affected my weight loss and for me it didn't. I will do it in moderation though. I believe in balance in everything.
  24. I have been taking BC pills with no problem since my surgery in March. I asked my dr about malabsorption issues with BC pills and they told me there is not a problem, but I got slammed by lots of people on here that say the research says that they do not absorb correctly after GB surgery. Who am I to beleive? I am sticking with my pills since I have not had issues and they work for me.
  25. I guess you can tell I am trying to accept it, so I don't get disappointed. LOL I had the biggest J Lo butt before and now I have nothing. I love it! My mom has agreed to get me some plastic surgery after a year. i have to decide boobs or tummy tuck. I am leaning towards boobs. 36C is my ideal too. I have seen a few GB patients that lost too much weight. I want to look healthy. Wow - chiefs - I just looked at your weight. You are tiny!