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  1. So I went in to meet with the surgeon this morning and I was super excited to get my surgery date! He even commented that I would be leaving with a surgery date as well before the end of the appointment. We talked a bit about the two different surgeries I focused on, by-pass or sleeve and which would be better for me. I have Barrett’s esophagus (severe GERD, and IBS with colon spasms) so it was debated that perhaps the sleeve was not the best option for me. But with the By-pass, the colon spasms and IBS issues could pose issues as well. I also mentioned my Fibromyalgia. I also mentioned my nervousness with the By-pass since my sister had it done back in early 2000 and passed away due to complications. All of the sudden, he changed directions and decided I should not have the surgery at all, and said I should go the medical weight-loss route. Which I have already done in the past, and i was not successful with. I was so socked by the sudden change of direction from the surgeon, I couldn’t even disagree at that moment and advocate for what I felt I wanted and/or felt was best for me. I walked out feeling defeated and drove home crying. I felt like I went through almost a year of preparing for weight loss surgery; including going through classes paid for out of my pocket for nothing. i honestly don’t know what happened, what I said that made the doctor do a complete 180 during the appointment to all of the sudden decide that I was not a good candidate for the surgery. I am so disappointed. Just needed to vent.
  2. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am Stephenie, 46 year old in New Hampshire! Always battled with my weight all my life; now it has seemed to have snowballed into other health issues that I would like to see resolved, hopefully with some help with this surgery. I just found out today that the Pre-op surgeon has approved me to me meet with the surgeon for a surgery date. I am both excited, worried and frightened. So I found this site in the hopes that some of my worries may be calmed down some and my questions answered. I am so glad I found this support forum. So, with that, thank you in advance! off we go!
  3. One day at a time ^_^

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