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  1. Hi Jamie! How has your journey been?
  2. You are truly an inspiration Barbi! How was your trip?
  3. April— very excited to see how you are doing now. Did you have the surgery?
  4. I decided to have weight loss surgery. My family is not being supportive at all. My husband says I’m obsessed with the process. I can’t help it. It’s a life changing decision and I need help with that. Even my sisters(were really close) won’t talk about it with me. What’s wrong with me?
  5. I know how you feel my surgeon is 2 hours away (Nashville)
  6. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your ever changing journey. Hugs to you always.
  7. Thanks! I wish I had a surgery date. I’m doing all the required meetings and appointments for my insurance. The problem is I have to do a 6 month weight loss program. It’s gonna take awhile. My psych evaluation is next Tuesday.
  8. I too have Aetna. My requirements are BMI 40 or above. 6 month program with my PCP (must show I’m attempting to lose weight through Atkins, weight watchers..etc 2 year weight history, sleep apnea screening, cardiac clearance, attend a support group, psych evaluation, and a nutrition class (2)
  9. So happy for you! My nutritionist says that mine is a 5 day liquid diet.
  10. Did any of you have to do a sleep study before surgery? I did mine in my home and get the results on Thursday. My insurance required it.
  11. Do you have support? I’m not getting any from my family. They say it’s all I talk about. I’m just trying to prepare myself and learn all about it. It’s not just a surgery it’s for life!
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