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  1. We all have had slips and the fact you recognise you did it is a good sign but think your only doing this liquid diet because you need the operation to help you lose weight to have a healthier life. I couldn’t tolerate the Liquid diet and ate a small (very Small) portion of chicken or fish for evening meal and drank plenty of water or sugar free drinks. I was lucky that what I did didn’t jeopardise the operation and my liver was still small enough to do the operation. speak with the consultant if your struggling
  2. Hi i am now 7wks post op and the pre op liquid diet was hard, I was told to drink milk and I can’t stand milk so was given option of adding sugar free milk shake mix with it but that didn’t help either so I was drinking sugar free drinks and eating a small (and I mean small) amount of chicken or fish in the evening to overcome the hunger and sickness. the whole idea of the liquid diet is to shrink the liver and help impurities in the liver so it makes the job for the surgeon easier to do.
  3. Hi I get this too I’m never really hungry so eat at normal meal times because I know I should eat, I also don’t drink enough either. I have now found when eating that that I make up enough food to what I would give my one year old (1/2 cooked potato 1/2 salmon fillet and handful of broccoli) I sometimes even struggle with this but it’s a good way to try eat the 600-800 cals expected a day
  4. 7 weeks post op and I keep getting really bad nausea in the morning and sweats, I feel really rough. It doesn’t happen every day but I’m starting to notice a pattern that it’s when I eat a breakfast. Does anyone else get anything similar to this
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