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    Dr Nicole Andrews

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  1. Hi everyone, My name is Fred and back in 2010 I was banded at 170kgs and until a nasty cycling accident in 2018 I was down to 105kgs and now that power walking and any cycling is out of the question I've gone back up to 138kgs and my Doctor has said the band is no longer working properly so here I am to gather information on the Sleeving process. In 2010 I had one foot in the gravel uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and after losing 30kgs in 2012 the diabetes went into remission and stayed that way until 2018. My goals are to return my health to that before the hit n run accident in 2018. I'm 58 was very active up until 2018 and now need 2 but 1 knee replacement for now to get me active again but me Doctor has said although the left knee is bone on bone I can't have the replacement until im 62 or until I start having suicidal thoughts. So every kg of weight I can get off the knees will be a big help and also to improve my overall health. Was a cycling junkie, especially mountain biking, love kayaking and since any uphill pedalling is no longer possible just recently I bought a 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 500 motorcycle to get me out n about again. When I went down the Banding road I told everyone and their dog I'd been banded and this time I'm telling no one not even family. A year ago I was made redundant after 30 years with a Government position so I've decided no longer do I want to do the 7 to 4 work life and am retiring 4 years earlier than I'd planned.
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