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  1. Thank you for your post. I do eat lean protein. I do need to eat more veggies, tho. My protein levels have always been fine. I just worry that I injest too many calories for 4 months out. I think I have to re look at my snacks. I need to find more sites for bariatric snacks. I do eat rice cake, 10 almonds and a tangerine for a snack. Wonder if I eat too many a day ( about 3). May try eating rice cake with PB2 and bananas? I saw that once. I appreciate your information.
  2. Hello. I am 4 months gastric bypass. I am eating 3-4 ounces of food, but notice I snack on rice cakes, tangerines and/or almonds. I have about 1100- 1300 calories a day Is this too much for 4 months out? Please let me know. I was 260 and now weigh 186. My goal weight is 155 according to my doctor. Help?
  3. Hi. I am 9 weeks out gastric bypass. Before, I was able to eat 2-3 oz of turkey breast, ground turkey and a couple of shrimp . At about 5-6 weeks, I began to throw up everything I used to be able to eat. I can still eat "my safe foods" like lentils, pinto and black beans- about 3.5 -4oz each. I use low fat cheese. I tried salsa and I threw it up, too.. I wonder if I try those foods again soon, will my stomach will be able to handle it or not? I just got so tired of throwing up. I know I need to try again. If it doesn't go well, will I become a vegetarian? Me? I am Mexican American and am sad I won't be able to eat certain foods, although minimal. I am fine not having a tortilla. Have a visit with my surgeon next week. Hope for good news. I am afraid to try new things. I want to eat fruit or vegetables like a cucumber, or a salad, but am afraid of throwing up. Help anyone?
  4. Thanks. I found out yesterday that one ounce of turkey was great. I was soo happy. Looking forward to more lil things I can eat. I don't want to be scared to try meat anymore.
  5. New to this. Got gastric bypass 11/24/2020. 5 weeks tomorrow. What can most people eat at this time? Breakfast seems ok. Dr told me to start meat, fish and ground turkey approximately 2 weeks after surgery. I threw it all up. No bueno. Trying again at 5 weeks. Help.
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