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  1. My surgery was yesterday, 12/15. Last night was pretty rough. But I’m feeling better this morning. I walked last night and this morning. I couldn’t wait to drink some water. Getting out of the hospital bed was challenging lol. I didn’t want to be in the bed all day so for the past two hours I’ve been sitting up in a chair. I’m getting discharged today. I know the recovery period won’t be roses but I am happy I took this step. When I initially went to the dr I weighed 317 pounds I was given a weight loss goal of 15 pounds, yesterday my weight was 291! I was super proud of myself!
  2. Hello everyone! My surgery is tomorrow. I’m excited, scared, nervous, anxious and relieved all in one. This forum is amazing. I’ve been reading through all the posts. Everyone gives great advice and tips and are so encouraging. I’m excited to be a part of this forum and I look forward to sharing my journey with everyone
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