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  1. Yes thank you for your thoughts I did I finally found the answers i needed. Milk of Magnesia to the rescue.
  2. So I'm 6 weeks out and had been suffering, literally, from constipation. It was like 5 hour labor with contractions and everything. I tried supositories, miralax, and dulcolax pills nothing worked I experienced this suffering 2 times and so i finally used the last option i had, Milk of Magnesia, i too the full 60ml dose the first time and like a miracle normal painless BMs began, I used it one more time 3 days later and now I'm going normally with no problems every 2 days.
  3. Im 5 weeks out. I eat egg salad with 5 eggs 2 tbsp light mayo 1 tbsp mustard and tapatio. Makes enough to last me 4 or five days and keeps me full long and has alot of protein like 9 grams
  4. Why can5 I take my one a day womens gummy. I'm taking flintstones to be on the safe side but I'd prefer to take my adult vitamin.
  5. I'm 5 weeks out. And I just experienced severe constipation that turned into dumping syndrome from all the pushing. Now I'm afraid of food I've regressed back to jello, shakes and a couple bites of chicken. But I wanna know when is it cool to have a meat ball or ground meat. I only eat 2 to 3 bites of anything.
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