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  1. Good afternoon, Everyone! With my energy levels just going through the roof and COVID stopping most of us from being outdoors and other social activities, I have created a whole bunch of social media account to vlog about my journey. Checkout my YouTube Channel, Subscribe! Instagram and Twitter! can't wait to speak with all of you soon www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Q38wqyMxqTWLNNMGZAYzw
  2. It’s April 2021, and sometimes I need to remind myself that obesity is classed as comorbidity… I’m not sure if it’s denial or issues with my own mortality, but when I look in the mirror I think of myself as just being overweight. What’s the reason for the statement, you ask? With current world issues (COVID-19) I was content waiting for my for my number to be called for the shot, I completely understand the reasoning behind prioritizing frontline workers and the venerable. But upon receiving an email from a concerned loved one, it was brought to my attention that due to my weight issues (being obese) I could skip the line and get my shot. I’ve posted a video documenting my personal experience getting the first of two COVID-19 shots in Ontario. Please watch and let’s talk about it.
  3. It's the end of April and here in Ontario, Canada we are experiencing our third lockdown, which makes it hard to be active and workout... but hard doesn't mean CAN'T! I have attached a little home workout video. 30 mins please watch and enjoy if you like please subscribe Thank for your support in advance
  4. Happy New Year, Everyone! Hope everyone is keeping well with the journey during these COVID times. I need your help keeping me accountable on my journey! So I have created a youtube channel focused just on my weight loss journey, please check it out! I love and welcome any input or support my RNY family has to offer look forward to chatting with all of you soon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Q38wqyMxqTWLNNMGZAYzw
  5. Good Evening, Again!As you know my name is Charlie Black... and something else came to mind as I was writing the last post.. (Please, help! if you any knowledge on this topic)So, pre-operation my weight was 406 lbs, I stand 6'1 and based on my weight I would say (that I am a heavy set person) But, now with the way the weight is melting off of me... I am not quiet sureSo, my question? Has anyone hit their goal weight and realized that they could lose more weight? If I were going off BMI... for my height, my goal weight should be approx. 180 lbs (but, maybe cause I have been big my whole life, I really can't picture myself being that small) Thanks for stopping by, Checkout my youtube channel for more video blogs
  6. My name is Charlie Black, and I wanted to celebrate a win... I suppose So, prior to having my RNY gastric bypass surgery, I would gain 10 pounds annually. Almost, like clockwork But, since my surgery I (115 days) since writing this post! I have lost 63 pounds Now, I feel I have quiet a bit of weight to lose before noticing loose skin, but I have had to punch new holes in my daily belt! which to me is very exciting!Question for readers, at what point should I start expecting lose skin? I was thinking around the 100 pound loss mark? see profile more statspre operation - 406lbscurrently (115 days post op) - 353lbsheight 6'1goal weight - approx 200 (but not sure how ill carry it)Check out this video blog I posted on the topic https://youtu.be/uPGk7euU_hU
  7. Hello, My name is Charlie Black! Thank you, for taking the time to stop by and read my profile! I recently just had RNY Gastric Bypass on August 8th, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario (which I am from) I recently found out about this amazing community and wanted to become a part of it! In sharing my journey with everyone I am also doing video blogs on youtube, If you have a moment check out some of my videos and leave a comment https://www.youtube.com/user/sosoulintense
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