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  1. I don't use Facebook really but thank you
  2. Both of us are right, there are people who need psychological help and there are some that don't. My point is to be successful each person needs to address whatever it is that lead them to where they were morbidly obese. If it's psychological or if it's food addiction; either way help and guidance is needed.
  3. Why do you feel the need to argue every point someone makes? okay it is very well known that most people do need help with underlying issues... We see it so many times people hit a road block when they go through stressful situations or life events and without appropriate help they end up going backwards. You are one person out of millions that suffer with mental health issues related to obesity; every doctor I ever dealt with made certain we address mental health before they would even consider surgery and to seek counseling to be successful in the long term.
  4. hello there I'm new here but I'm not seeing much activity on this site? I'm Australian but can't find Australian specific forums. Hope everyone is coping well with COVID19 crisis. I've been doing well maintaining well.
  5. Yes of course it's related to calories but we all know if you don't work on the underlying issues that lead to this destructive way of life then most likely you'll fail just as we see in 600lb life, every single one of the patients needed psychological counseling to help understand and deal with the trauma in their lives that made them turn to food for comfort. If you don't work on your mental health nothing else will matter. I know from my own experience i have to be 110% committed mentally to the process to stay true to the correct path and not undo everything I've done thus far
  6. Yes true I was just talking about the heading of this topic that asks about long term success any habits that inhibit our long term health can be deemed bad; there's no need to get so literal just offering my own personal story and how I've managed to be successful which meant I had to adopt new healthy habits and learn to do better in future and not go backwards. thank you
  7. Yes important to look at each and every macro
  8. Yes but my point is it takes more than just what you eat, there is a huge mental component to changing bad habits and making long term changes
  9. Personally I believe it is 90% mental, meaning that you have to adopt the right mind frame to be successful long term, weight loss is not a diet; it is a whole way of life, a new way of living and thinking and changing all the bad habits we learnt that got us to be so unhealthy. It takes so much commitment to change and learn new habits and to not let anyone influence us nor make excuses that will allow us to return to the old life we came from... If you start making excuses for yourself you will most likely go back to your old habits, so if that is an issue then you should seek professional help to deal with any hardship in your life so that you don't turn to bad food and bad habits to cope.
  10. Yes that's way too many calories at this stage you need to pace yourself, many people will tell you even if you feel hungry you need to fight it... You need to consume the most nutrient foods you can find starting with high protein. Sliders and high carb food will just make your Hunger worse.
  11. Yes high protein is most important for our body to function and recover from exercise
  12. Hope all is well I'm 2 weeks out from 12 months post op. just want to update things on my end. the surgery has helped me so much it is amazing. I've noticed my metabolism is so much better now I'll be honest whilst I've been n maintenance mode I've had a few treats here and there and it has not affected my weight loss at all. I've been in maintenance roughly 6 months but I actually dropped a kg the other day I'm not sure why but I'm not complaining. My highest weight before surgery was 146kgs (322lb) my lowest weight now is 74kgs (163lb) i look good, I feel great and I'm going to see my surgeon in 2 weeks for my next check up where I'll have my blood done to see how my vitamin levels are going as well. i still use shakes if I need the protein or I'm busy that day, but I'm also eating a variety of things yoghurt being a favourite. i just want to show people it is possible to be successful
  13. Looks like they need to see the results of your Psych evaluation first
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