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  1. I know it’s pretty normal for my tastes to change, but it seems like I hate everything I eat anymore. Another thing I wondered, does pop taste gross to you guys? I know we are not supposed to drink it and I don’t want to drink it, but I’ve tried a couple sips out of curiosity. It’s just crazy how gross everything is to me anymore.
  2. I need recipes please! I had gastric bypass surgery July 30th. I DO NOT like cheese. Please help me with some recipes. I’m not having much luck on the Internet. I also am in need of protein shake suggestions. I have tried a few and they were gross. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.
  3. kalim333

    Need help

    Thank you guys for your suggestions. It definitely helps.
  4. kalim333

    Need help

    If only I liked cheese lol. I keep seeing this ricotta bake everywhere and hearing how good it is!
  5. kalim333

    Need help

    I’m terribly picky. I do not like fish, cheese, canned chicken, and so on. I had surgery on July 30th. I’m trying to find foods to eat to help me get protein in. Please help me! I’m at a plateau and I think it’s cause I’m not getting enough calories in.
  6. I’m trying to think ahead and plan some meals for the future. I do not like cheese. So anyone have any quick and easy suggestions that I will be able to cook? I don’t mind leftovers.
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