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  1. What foods to keep in your purse when on the go?

    Depends on how far out from surgery...but jerky, granola bars, protein bars, cheese, protein shots....they come in a test tube thing and don't need the fridge. I kept a cooler pack in the car with an ice pack thus able to pack things that needed to be cool.
  2. Q. - hair loss time frame

    Any time in your life you have major stress, surgery or lack of protein or nutrients for a period of time, its 3 months later you will see the effects in your hair from shire, lustre, hair loss etc. the real question is how long till it comes At this point, I am going through major hair loss and brittle at 7 years out, but then I look back 3 months ago and I had major major stress for 3 to 4 weeks......cutting the hair sometimes makes it healthier, so I am considering cutting mine.
  3. Your body will tell you ...for me its a pressure or hot flash and I still get that seven years later. Measure as much as u can but also learn to listen and feel your body...a key to long term success!
  4. A buscuit, an onion ring....oh my! I was on soft food and stacking process at that stage. Maybe half a cup of good quality food at this stage. Maybe...more likely a third of a cup, I stacked meat and veggie and had to add some potato to keep the food down and stacks......potato, protein, veggie. Chew chew chew and wait. If all ok, then repeat one or two more times then all done for that meal. Other than potato, I didn't introduce bread, rice or pasta for a very long nutritional value and I needed to get in protein. Even now at 7 years out, I have very little rice pasta or potato...there just isn't room in that pouch. Fill it with good protein and nutritional food. You will know when you have taken just one too many bites. Keys to go very very slow and chew well. Keep all liquids away from meals as long as you can, one hour at least. Soup is not good at this stage...too much liquid with food...either liquid or food, not both together...made me puke everytime. I had a stricture at 6 weeks and had to be stretched too. But since then, all good. Keep to the cheating and slow, slow, slow.......don't push it. Hope this helps.
  5. what's your favorite breakfast?

    2 breakfasts for me, one at 6am and the next at 930 or so. One is protein smoothie and the other is either leftovers from the night before, chilli, frozen dinner or 2 boiled egg whites ....I don't like eggs either and bacon and maybe 2 bites of toast. Soup is always a staple for me as is chilli. For years I had chilli at 10 am every workday on my coffee break....great protein and kept me alert and content to work. Remember breakfast doesn't need to be breakfast food. And I forget .....cottage cheese pancakes. I HATE cottage cheese but these are amazing. Google for the recipe, but they are great anytime of the day and you can pack them with you and et cold.
  6. Should you eat more during period?

    I just try to eat more red meat at this time to keep up iron levels and beef is more filling too.
  7. I went from 312 to 150 with gastric bypass and 7 years out from surgery now and still holding at 150lbs. It's really about your dedication to your health. The doc gives you the tool, its your job to use it properly.
  8. Newly post-op protein question

    Holy are doing awesome at this early stage...took me forever to get in adequate protein. One thing that helped me alot was homemade cocoa. Real cocoa powder, Splenda and skim milk powder. Mix up a large container, that way when you want one, its already made up, just add hot water. Play with the quantities...,,you can always add more sweetener. Nectar by syntax is great, fruit flavoured and mix with water....I can't do any of the other ones. I make a smoothie with one scoop of Nectar, fruit, yogurt, orange juice and water. 30 plus grams of protein depending on the kind of yogurt you use.
  9. Calcium Citrate

    Other than iron and b12, I take pills, however I chew them all! Including my b100 which tastes gross. I do try and buy chewable multi, calcium and magnesium. B12 I do shots and iron is pallifer capsules.
  10. Love fish...early out I could maybe do one prawn for my whole meal. Salmon my fav came up every time..but thankfully at about 7 months salmon with potato stayed down. You just won't be able to prepare....aka butter .....the same as before, but yes fish is a great source of protein.
  11. New bras?

    I went from at 44DD to a 38C in a year. Even as low as 36C. But all the firmness went out of the bobbie, and very saggy now. If I lost the sag and had a lift, I would probably be a B cup. Oh well........loosing 150 pounds plus was worth it all
  12. Am I just a freak or what?

    With the Internet, you can find lots of easy recipes for you. One great idea is chilli. So easy to make and freezes well. Take with you to school frozen, it will keep and thaw and then all you do is microwave. I froze in one cup portions when I was in my first year, now in my 7th year I do 1.5 cup portions. I can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner or a snack. It's way cheaper than fast food and much healthier. If you need a recipe PM me and I will post here. Are you taking vitamins? Fast food has very little nutritional value and vitamins do cost money but you need to take. It may seem easy now to loose weight but if you don't take appropriate action now, you are going to be very very sick down the road with lots of complications. Just a few cents from someone 7 years out from surgery.
  13. Panniculectomy

    You can read all about mine in My panni was in 2007
  14. a bit discouraged :(

    55 pounds at this stage is not a slow looser by any means! I was 99 pounds down at one year! And then lost another 60 pounds or so in the months following.....don't worry....keep doing what you are doing and it will come as its supposed to...just keep following the rules.
  15. what is everyones daily diet?

    B- 2 boiled egg white, 2 pieces bacon and vitamins Snack - Jamba Juice protein smoothie L- depends but usually frozen dinner with protein of course or soup and fruit like grapefruit Snack- cheese and pickles and maybe yogurt - high protein kind Dinner- meat usually beef or seafood salmon few times a week and 2 veggies- maximum 1 cup total food, sometimes a bit of potato or pasta Snack- leftovers from dinner, maybe 3/4 cup, or smoothie or beef soup and vitamins and pumpkin seeds 8 water a day, 2 coffee, 1 iced coffee, 1 tea, 2-3 vita water or power aid- between meals and snacks.