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  1. In May I will have my bypass! I’m vaccinated against COVID and it will really happen this time. I am beyond ready
  2. Update: surgery didn’t happen. It’s now April and we’re getting things moving in the right direction. Crossing my fingers this really happens.
  3. Thank you Ladybugzzz86. I’m ready and just have to stay the course and be strong.
  4. Hi all, COVID canceled my surgery on 12/22. I have no clue when it will be. It is a crazy world we live in. Just wanted to check in, as I was missing in action for a month. Blue
  5. I haven’t heard back from Celebrate; has anyone else?
  6. Wow, that is a harsh lock down! Where I live it is relatively mild compared to most other places, I do stay home for safety none the less. Doctor appointments and food runs about it.
  7. My bariatric team has not advised to use it. Best thing to do would be to ask you bariatric team before use. Best luck on your journey
  8. Aussie Bear COVID ugh! Sorry to hear one traveling family could hurt your whole community.
  9. Celebrate vitamins has an assist program is assist with cost of vitamins, it is half way down website. If you are low income or lost job due to COVID they will help if you qualify. I filled out the form and wanted to share with my Thinnertimes family
  10. My WLS date is 12/22 pending COVID, yay! Thank you to everyone on this site answering my questions:)
  11. Thanks everyone. I am ready to start this chapter of my new life
  12. In December some time. I should get an exact date at my next appointment
  13. The eval went well, no issues and approved for surgery!
  14. I completed my psych eval today! All testing is completed:) I just have to wait for the report to be sent to my bariatric doc and I will have an actual surgery date in December! I am a happy gal
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