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  1. Thank you Cinwa...for all your kind words and help
  2. It’s the day before surgery and I’m trying to stay super busy. It seems unreal that tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for. All of the hoops that have been jumped thru, all the tests and paper work...just wow.
  3. Here is my post surgery plan days 3 to 9 400 calories per day 60 grams of protein meal replacement shakes (premier protein) 2-4 oz every 1-2 hours skim milk 2-4 oz 80-100 calorie Greek lite and fit cannon yogurt salt free broth sugar free popsicles sugar free jello decaf tea water 64 oz day 10-21 500 calories per day avoid solid chucks of food protein shakes dannon Greek lite and fit yogurt poached eggs skim milk 2-4 oz salt free brouth creamed soups strained of chunks apple sauce mashed potatoes thinned with skim milk cream of wheat thinned with skim milk day 22-36 everything from above moist diced ground protein items fruit with out seeds, canned fruit,cooked fruits 4-6 meals per day chew chew chew day 37 everything above separate fluids from meals at 30 minutes before and after 5-6 meals per day scrambled eggs 1 tbsp peanutbutter
  4. Premier Protein latte flavor is amazing. I started my liquid diet today and had my first latte flavor premier protein and was in heaven ( no exactly Starbucks here, but as far as protein goes ..amazing!)!
  5. Anyone use Sippy cups to help with taking smaller sips vs gulps of drinks? Surgery is a few days away and I’m just trying to iron out the last minute details. Thx
  6. Thank you both for you thoughts on this.
  7. Do most people wear medical alert bracelets? I just think it’s a good idea to wear one, alert medical personnel that I’m a bypass patient. Wondering how others feel.
  8. I’m excited about surgery and it’s coming up so fast, after waiting for what seem like forever. I am ready to become the me I was always wanted to be. The wls. tool will allow me work hard and follow the pouch rules, to successful goal (exercise and diet). I am ready for this next chapter, I embrace this new life and life style.
  9. First wondering thought With sleeve they remove the “un-need stomach” and leave the tube stomach. Why wouldn’t they do the same with RNY? It just seems there is this extra stomach taking up room and adding extra weight, let it be removed. Second thought Heating pad, nobody ever talks about them. If my stomach is aching I would think lay the heating pad on top and let the heat soothe it. There may be a really good reason not to. These are rambling thoughts of a pre surgery brain. Those are the thoughts of my rambling mind. I may sound like a nut, but I had to get them out.
  10. As was patients do we need probiotics? I saw a commercial for them just now, and it got me to thinking. The probiotics may not be in our stomachs long enough to do any good, but a few may linger to do what they do. Let me know your thoughts. Blue
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  13. This is an old post, but the Premier power is a lot better the the ready to drink. I would go so far as 100% better. In case anyone reads this post
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