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  1. My psych evaluation is over the phone for 25 minutes, I’m taking it seriously. But really how can they understand me me and all over the phone? I’m a person who’s facial expressions say everything, I just don’t know how credible this can be
  2. I like the Premier protein powder chocolate milk shake. I think the ready to drink ones are a little nasty. But with the powderI can add PB fit and mix up the favor, or PB fit Coco. Extra protein from the PB fit and using Fairlife skim milk.Good stuff
  3. I’m done with tests except for psych evaluation. All tee’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.
  4. I found out I have sleep apnea and need to be on the chap for two weeks(the micro chip tells them I use it at least 4 hours a night). I am happy to use it, as sleeping is hard for me. I was also informed I will have surgery in December, but no date given. This is the grumbly part, after all the tests. I just want to know that on December x I will have surgery and start my real journey. We should get badges for all the before surgery testing and hoops we have to jump thru...I’m ranting and grumbly..
  5. I know this is an old post, but great video.
  6. Ladies did any of you have a leaky bladder before surgery? The kind that makes you squirt when you laugh or sneeze? I have to take medication for it and hope that after weight loss surgery that it will no longer be an issue. Any experience you might have would be great. Thanks
  7. I have ordered Procare Health Bariatric Multivitamin with 45mgs iron, they are chewable
  8. Thank you ladies. This is the test I have before getting a surgery date!
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