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  1. Just wondering if there is any vegetarian/ vegans that have had bypass and if there was issues with food choices after surgery. I have the sleeve, but it is being revised to bypass. I am a little nervous about food tolerance to beans and vegetables after bypass. I never had any issues with the sleeve, but I know that bypass can be a little tricky with dumping etc.
  2. Hello, I had the sleeve back in '14. Before the surgery I would casually peruse the forum for tips and info, but I never created a profile. I lost over 100lbs from the sleeve but this past year I have gained 80lbs back. I had a traumatic life event that set me back to using food as a crutch. I am almost back to my original start weight before I had the sleeve. It is embarrassing and I can't believe I am back here. I have started to heal emotionally and physically but the weight is not budging. My first appt for revision is next week for bypass. I appreciated all of the help I recieved from thi
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