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  1. Hurray!!! I FINALLY have a surgery date!!! My surgery is scheduled for Oct 19th! I am very excited to get it done and start on my new journey!!
  2. Just a little update on my journey... So I thought on June 15th that I was days away from receiving a call to schedule my surgery....WRONG!! I had been given incorrect info from the program coordinator about what my insurance (Tricare) required for approval for this surgery. I thought I had previously completed the requirement of a medically supervised weight loss attempt of at least 2 months. Well, my previous attendance at a weight loss clinic was not accepted because it had been more than a year since I had attended. So, I made an appointment with my PCM and got the medical supervised
  3. My name is Jeff and I an anxious for my upcoming RNY gasric bypass surgery! My journey has been a very fast one so far. I went from dreaming about being able to get this surgery to 10 days away from the appointment with my surgeon when I will learn of my surgery date. I have fought weight issues all my life and diets have not been my friend. I am very hopeful that this journey will get me to the healthy weight I need to be at and that I will have the tools to maintain it for years to come!!
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