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  1. Hey so I am from Melbourne Vic how are you going ?
  2. sky.m


    Hi, you can call me sky.m as my name seems to be taken so have come in as Sky.M, live in Au and new here was on another forum about 10 years ago when I first got my band and managed to get some amazing tips and support. I do started off at 110 kg and managed to drop to about 62-64 kg and then come November last year 2019 I developed a horrid thing happening my morning meds were coming up when I would have my first coffee at work for the day and by lunch I would go through like 3 sachets a day of shakes as kept throwing them up until the meds actually came out, got busted a few times at work for it and as such they thought I had bulimia or something like that as the other staff heard me in the bathroom. So last week my surgeon took out 2ml after my scope and he said there was congestion in the band (he said he could see the meds) and that it looked (like a dough type ball) so here I am now starving craving food and geez I can just about eat anything and can feel it in my clothes should I tell him to put 1m back in or wait it out a bit. Any advice would be most appreciated as really not diggin this hunger thing again as it took me ages to get to my goal weight but because I was throwing the shakes up I substituted with chocolate and anything that would slide down to make up for that empty feeling tbh I cant get used to feeling hungry all the time and finding it really hard to make it shift even with soft drink