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  1. One year ago today I had my gastric bypass surgery and what a difference a year makes! I've actually had a pretty easy time of it - no complications, minimal discomfort, and steady weight loss. My highest weight was 295, I was down to 236 when I had my surgery. My current weight is 152, with a goal weight range of 135-145 pounds. I'm figuring it will probably take me another year to get there but I'm in no rush - my body will do what it will do as long as I stick with the program. I did this to improve my overall health and it's been successful. My A1C is holding at 5.8, blood pressure is typically around 115/68. Best of all, I've seen major improvement in my pulmonary arterial hypertension (note that while my weight wasn't the cause, the excess weight was a factor in my symptoms) - my exercise tolerance has improved dramatically and I no longer need supplemental oxygen - my specialist noted my chart as "phenomenal improvement." So I can join in with many others on this board and say that I do not regret my decision and I'm looking forward to several healthier years ahead.
  2. Congratulations, Tracy! That is probably the best Christmas present you could get!
  3. Hi there. You could also try one of the clear, flavorless protein powders that you can mix into any beverage or you can even mix them into bouillons and broths. I use the Inspire brand from BariatricEating.com but you can also find some others on Amazon.com. I mix it into coffee, tea and Crystal Light.
  4. I hit a stall on Week 3 and the scale barely moved until I hit Week 8 and since then it's been a pretty steady weight loss (I'm coming up on 7 months this Saturday so I'm mentally preparing myself for another stall). From what I've experienced and read, the body needs to adjust to all the changes hitting it all at once. Just stay with the program - the scale will start moving again. Funny thing - at about the 3-month mark I thought I was beginning to feel hunger for about a week or so, but it disappeared. Not sure what that was about but I pretty much eat and drink on schedule - I plan everything out and then check it off as I consume it. Helps keep me accountable and on track.
  5. So at this time exactly six months ago I was wheeled out of the OR after having gastric bypass and gallbladder removal surgery. Saw my surgeon yesterday and we are both very happy with where I am now - my surgery day weight was 235, my weight yesterday was 174 - down 61 pounds. My goal weight has been set for 140-150 pounds so I can see daylight although I know the weight will come off more slowly as time goes on. I've had no complications and, to be honest, my medical team was expecting there might be problems since I had/have underlying health issues. But the surgery and weight loss have resolved two of them - my Type 2 diabetes is resolved and my blood pressure is holding steady at 102/60. So it's clear that my decision to have the surgery was the best thing I could do for my health. Looking forward to the next six months and achieving my goal weight.
  6. Thank you. Looking forward to my next appointment with my surgeon (next week and it will probably be via videoconference).
  7. In my case I have pulmonary arterial hypertension (so I have to use supplemental oxygen) and arthritis in my right knee. I also had Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I'm almost 6 months post op and the surgery plus the bariatric diet resolved the BP and diabetes. And while I was considered a high risk candidate due to the PAH, my doctors still recommended the surgery to improve long-term survival. I had no complications and, like you, I live alone (I'm 62). As for exercise, I walk and over time have been able to increase my distance and the time I spend walking.
  8. Another milestone achieved - made it to 179. My six-month surgiversary is coming up next week (6/29) and I'm hoping I can take off another four pounds so I can claim 60 pounds gone since surgery (but if I don't I'm not going to beat myself up over it, since as long as I follow the program the speed of weight loss is outside of my control). Down a few inches in the waist and hips, tossed out a few more outfits that are too big and able to walk farther and longer so I'm measuring my progress in more than just pounds.
  9. Congratulations on achieving Onederland!
  10. I know the feeling. Some people do lose faster than others so don't get discouraged if you see others losing at a faster pace. I'm one of the slower ones - I actually projected losing 4-6 pounds a month so I'm pretty happy with where I am so far. Good luck and congrats on your loss!
  11. Same thing happened to me - I went up about 7 pounds when I got home from the surgery (had my gastric bypass Jan. 29th), but by the time I went for my 2-week follow up I was 10 pounds down from my weight at time of surgery. I also went through a 3-week stall about 6 weeks out. Since then it's been slow but steady. Five month surgiversary tomorrow and I'm down 51 pounds.
  12. Hi Tracy. I've tried a variety of bariatric vitamins because I it seemed that everyone I tried caused nausea and the ones that work the best for me are the Journey 3+3 that you can get at BariatricEating.com. They're in capsule form, they're a standard size capsule and don't smell (which was one of the things I had real problems with on the other bariatric vitamins). You take three in the morning and three in the evening - I usually take mine right after breakfast with my morning coffee and again in the evening with my evening cup of tea. They contain all of the vitamins you need, including the iron and calcium (unless your doctor tells you that you need further supplementation on those items).
  13. I had my RNY 1/29 and haven’t had a dumping episode yet but I’ve also really watched the sugar and fat content in what I eat. I’ve had a pretty easy time with the procedure and recovery really ... which is a bit surprising since I was considered a very high risk. But I have a great surgeon and was in one of the best hospitals so that helped, plus I strictly stuck to the 2-week pre-op diet. I got out of the hospital two days earlier than originally planned since I was healing well and had no complications. I had a 3-week stall in April but otherwise things have gone well. Seeing the nutritionist tomorrow and my cardiologist on Tuesday and I’m feeling pretty good about both visits.
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