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  1. WoW...ok, well CONGRATULATIONS to you as well !!
  2. Thank you for the congrats!! I’m pretty excited. I was fully prepared to do the liquid fast but yes, it’s as you said. I was supposed to fast for 1 week but I started yesterday. They knew I was concerned about covid suspending elective surgeries.
  3. Hello Everyone and Happy New Year !! It’s been a long road what with covid postponing my March 31st initial date. Then, late May I received a call that my surgery would be June 10th then...I wasn’t approved by my insurance. An appeal was submitted, and I was still denied. My surgeon told me to change my health insurance. I changed over on the first day of open enrollment and knew that it wouldn’t “kick in” until January 1st. Surgery was scheduled for January 25th!! Soooo today, Saturday, i received a call from my insurance telling me I was approved. I then logged into my account and sent proof of approval to my surgery team and now I’m told that I must get my covid test by early Monday and can have surgery on WEDNESDAY !!! But, I haven’t done my liquid fast yet due to my date being on January 25th. Has anyone ever heard of this surgery being done with only a 2 day liquid fast. It was supposed to be 7 days of fasting.
  4. Yes, I was wondering about the ghrelin. When that hormone is removed, how long does it stay “gone”? I have always thought that hormones are replenished once gone? Additionally, I’m not having bypass but I guess that hormone is removed in both procedures.
  5. Hello to everyone. I was scheduled for surgery March 31st, then Covid happened and all elective surgeries were postponed. Now, I am scheduled for next week. First let me just say that I am in NO WAY thinking of canceling. I just can’t help but laugh when I read all the restrictions that has to be in place for pre op as well as for...well, seemingly forever. Sooooo, I started thinking; if we can do all that meaning, living life with those strict restrictions, we can loose weight and live healthy WITHOUT the surgery. Admittedly, I used to think that since more than half your stomach is gone, you automatically eat less because you can’t eat as much. Even if you eat the wrong things (since it can’t be too much) then you will still loose weight. I used to think that you can sit down all set to eat a slice or ice cream or cake that you’d probably just be able to eat a bite or two or spoonful or two and you’d be unable to “make all gone”. Weight loss was imminent Now, I know better but I find it a bit strange that so many folks are able to do now after surgery, what they couldn’t or just didn’t do before. I’m wondering if most people tried without surgery and failed and if it’s easier now...post surgery.
  6. Hey Sierra. My surgery had also been postponed. Have you ever lived in Las Vegas?
  7. Yessss, “nothing tastes as great as being slim & healthy feel”. Thank you for the feedback and GREAT advice.
  8. Hey Cheesehead..LoL. I’m digging the name on this forum. I am doing sleeve. Soooo, you said eating fills you up quicker than drinking huh? So exciting.
  9. Hmm...ok, I do see YOUR point and had my Nut said this to me; I would have understood. But, she told me that when the spinach (that’s what I mainly spoke of because I love it) is turned to liquid the sugar cone out. I sat there thinking: “you can’t get blood from a rock” which is I could hear my Nana say. I even asked her why does she prefer man made protein over nature. She has no real answers except that the body burns energy chewing over drinking. I also see soooo many forums that encourage people to so smoothies !! It doesn’t matter. I’m doing what my team says for a year. A year to date. Then, I will make my spinach and kale with 4 strawberries. She also said no straws. LoL. I already have my camelback cup. Thank you for your response.
  10. Too tired to type much but I had my nutrition appointment today. I swear I almost got up and left. I was told I couldn’t have my beloved smoothies. I follow the recipes in JJ Smith’s book. I just stared at her mouth moving. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
  11. Hello everyone!! I am telling ANYBODY and EVERYBODY !!
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