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  1. Same here. Protein was in short supply in my childhood, so I never really got a taste for meat. Pre-WLS I enjoyed cheap carbs and lots of them...pasta, snack cakes, rice, bread etc. I broke off that relationship about a year prior to WLS and for almost 3 years now follow the very low carb diet. As for my protein intake, I dropped the shakes but I still have a pure protein bar daily as a supplement to my food intake. And congrats on your long term success! I am still 9-10 pounds from my "never gonna get there" goal....but i keep trying.
  2. Very well said and oh so true....if I eat my protein first and alone, i can take about 3.5 ounces. If i allow carbs, veggies or anything else to go first or with the protein, i can swallow much more.
  3. I would caution against the use of Pepto Bismol post gastric surgery. It is an NSAID and, as we all know, all NSAIDS should be avoided post gastric surgery.
  4. Welcome aboard Fred! You will find excellent support and information from the many contributors here. I am 13 months out from my own RNY gastric bypass and have zero regrets about the choice I made. I wish you the same success and peace with your decision, whatever that may be. Beautiful motorbike you have there, I mean, it's no Honda, but it will do
  5. Best of luck as you continue to work towards your goal. I am 13 months out and I can definitely relate to the return of bad habits. For me, it's grazing. I continue to come here for support, ideas and advice; but only I can control what I put in my mouth. Like many have said, surgery doesn't fix the brain.
  6. I would say the loose skin on my arms, chest, abdomen, and thighs started showing up after losing about 60 pounds. Now at 145 pounds lost and 12 months post RNY, it is starting to shrink up a bit. However, I don't let it bother me. I am healthier and happier than I was prior to the loose skin appearing and I will wear it proudly. Whether it stays permanently or continues to shrink, I will continue to be thankful for the life I have regained. For me, loose skin is a small price to pay. Congrats on your weight loss! You are doing great!
  7. Quote: "im bypass but I find if I eat something high in carbs my blood sugar drops drastically, so I stay away from the carbs..a good indication of low blood sugar for me is I start sweating (I don’t sweat normally)" I did not realize this was a side effect of eating carbs. I had a few potato and carrot bites in some beef stew last week, then went for my normal evening walk. It was cool enough that I would normally be freezing, but was sweating and became very dizzy/disoriented. Had to have my wife come pick me up. Very odd feeling and not one I get very often. Maybe it was t
  8. Apples make me sooooo hungry! I rarely eat fruit, but if I do have a few apple slices i try to pair them with a little protein, like all natural peanut butter or a cheese stick. Thanks for the advice, I am trying to drink more (as I know I should!) and it is helping. I have dropped a couple pounds over the last week and continue to inch towards my goal.
  9. So maybe that's the issue....The surgeon told me that nuts would be a good, high protein snack and so that has been my go to option. I typically have a couple ounces twice a day, so that would be 680 calories! Oops! I really need a better solution there. Drinking more is good advice, and I will certainly add that to my tool box
  10. Thanks all for the kind and encouraging words. I am confident that I will reach my goals- both the number on the scale and better quality of life going forward. Any tips on avoiding the snacking would be appreciated...My snacks are healthy, GB diet approved, like nuts, cheese sticks, turkey meat sticks, protein bars, but they all have calories and add up. Some of my eating is stress related, some is emotional, some is out right hungry eating. I eat high protein meals three times a day, usually 4-4.5 ounces of lean protein, one or two bites of a vegetable. Not much else. I don't drin
  11. Today is my one year anniversary of gastric bypass surgery. One year ago today I was a nervous wreck, but was determined to change my life for the better. In one year, I have dropped 145 pounds, gone from a size 46 pants to a 31, 3XL shirt to a large, eliminated arthritic pain in my knees, hips, feet, ankle, eliminated sleep apnea, eliminated shortness of breath and improved my mental and emotional health. All in all, I call that a success story. I am still 10 pounds from my goal, which is disappointing; and my weight loss has stopped for the last 3 months. I tell myself that I can st
  12. I was advised to stay away from foods not approved within my post surgical diet plan; so I have done that and have never experienced a dumping episode. The foods I am supposed to avoid are the foods that helped me become morbidly obese, so why would I want to go back to any of them? Seems like doing so just to test the waters is self-sabotaging and not a wise road to travel.
  13. I feel the psychological exam is extremely subjective and studies have proven that the results of it have little bearing on future success of the surgical patient. That said, I "failed" the initial exam and was prescribed 12 weeks of therapy to discuss my issues. I felt it was a total waste of time and very little benefit was gained. That said, I have since had gastric bypass surgery and lost almost 150 pounds in total. Although I did not agree with the results of the psychological exam, I am glad that I stuck with the program. Believe me, it's worth it. Hang in there!
  14. Yes. for about 10 years. Lost about 50 pounds, but could never stand to have the band filled to where it had any effect. Bypass is the way to go from our perspective, but you need to make that decision with your surgeon and for yourself.
  15. My wife had a band to bypass revision earlier this year and has had great success. We follow the plan, take the vitamins and lose the weight. No bariatric procedure is without risk or side effects; but neither is obesity. I recommend you speak with your surgeon, understand the benefits and risks and do what is right for you. Life it short, no sense in waiting around Best wishes to you!
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