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  1. I take it right before bed. Sometimes it does too much good, if you know what I mean. But i prefer that end of the continuum. Something about washing the food out of the stomach before it is properly digested can cause constipation.
  2. I take Miralax daily. It's the only thing that works for me. Doctor told me it is the same mechanism that causes the weight loss that causes the constipation. Whatever that means. I have also read that the more you separate eating and drinking, the less constipation is a problem. I have not seen the correlation.
  3. Well folks, I have finally hit my plateau. Almost 7 months out and I have stalled just 22 pounds from my goal and I have been stuck for 3 solid weeks. I have tracked calories, logged my exercise, never touch sugar and very little for carbs (and only healthy carbs in that). I know we all hit it eventually, just disheartening to be in the middle of it. I hope it will pass soon if I keep doing the work. But it's hard, and I needed to vent.
  4. All of your concerns are valid and, yes, even possible outcomes you may experience if you opt to have any weight loss surgery. I would say most people who choose this path have all the same concerns. Some develop complications, some don't, sometimes complications come far down the post-op road. For me, it came down to a risk/benefits analysis. We all know the dangers of being morbidly obese, compounded by age. WLS gave me a chance at something better and I took it. There are no guarantees of a simple, carefree life with or without the risk of WLS; however, those of us who have gone forward rarely express regrets about the choice we have made. Best wishes and proceed with caution; it is a life altering decision.
  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures and congrats! I am only 5 months out from my bypass surgery and stories like yours do inspire us newbies.
  6. Best of luck to you! Hope it all goes as planned.
  7. Thank you for the insight. I was looking for a tablet i could take but was struggling to find a suitable option. Now I bought about 90 of these powder packages and so I guess i will need to use them. I will definitely alter the time I take the calcium to 30 minutes prior to eating.
  8. I am a little late to this post, but I did have this conversation with my bariatrician. She told me that so long as I am eating 1-2 servings of dairy per day, that, along with 2 500u supplements would be sufficient. I am curious about the calcium citrate powders. I just tried one today and could not get it to dissolve in cold water. Does anyone have experience with them? I was on the calcium citrate chews, but they give me heartburn.
  9. I too was scared/worried/anxious prior to surgery-as I am sure we all were. However, I found comfort in the statistics...RNY is a relatively low risk procedure, lower mortality rates than gall bladder removal. I would say that there is a healthy level of anxiety associated with any surgery; but there is also a long list of known risks associated with morbid obesity. Do not let fear guide you!
  10. Congrats on your long term success! I am a newbie, only 3 months post bypass and love to hear the long long term success stories.
  11. Very inspirational! thank you for sharing. I am a mere 3 months out from my RNY and your story helps me believe that my best days are yet to come.
  12. Long time lurker who finally joined. I had RNY 11/18/19, so about 9 weeks out and still learning what life is like on the losers bench. I had so much fear and anxiety for 15 years that I kept putting the surgery off. So many regrets now that i see how good life can be on this side of it! Glad to be here and thank you all for the education I have received by lurking for so long