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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm now 6 weeks out, and am mostly doing OK, though I still haven't lost a lot of weight. The doctor says that's because I'm not getting enough protein, given my very small caloric intake. That makes sense, but I'm having real problems eating enough protein, without causing myself nausea or vomiting. I've tried: - protein shakes (still using Core Power Elite 45g) - protein bars - shredded meat (like pulled pork) - high-protein soup - adding protein powder to soup However, all of these things, when in large enough quantity to get me near to the 90g+ protein daily recommendation, tend to make me nauseous. I'm often going to bed around half an hour after dinner, as I just don't feel very good. To be clear, the nausea is not debilitating, just unpleasant, and tends to make me not want to eat. And that, combined with my very slow weight loss, is highly frustrating, especially given that I had few problems losing weight before surgery. I've been very good, over the last few weeks, at keeping to the foods on my diet, but that may have even made me feel worse. Any further suggestions would be appreciated! - Alex
  2. I’m on stage 3. So, probably not optimal. However, I’m an experimenter, and like to try a small amount of something, to see how it works. The main issue that frustrates me is the variability of my stomach’s responses to food. I’m perfectly ok with trying something new, and having it not work, but having something that was fine before not be, is annoying. As others have told me, I know that I need to be more patient. It’s hard, but I’m working on it! - Alex
  3. The first week or so after surgery, I lost weight like it was going out of style...to the tune of 21 lbs. After that, though, I started to have some of the common issues, that others have mentioned: nausea from water drinking stagnation of losses The most difficult parts, so far, have been that my stomach is quite unpredictable, when it comes to what sits well. Yesterday, for example, I ate some finely minced lunch meat, and that was fine. I even ate a bit or bread, as a trial, and that was fine. However, that evening, I tried some soup (Lao mild curry), and that was a disaster. I was eating dinner with friends, and had to go vomit 5 times. The combination of not being sure what will agree with me, and my increasing distaste for protein shakes (I am _not_ a fan of sweet drinks!) has made this part of my weight loss very frustrating. I managed to lose 95 lbs, before surgery, by simple portion control and rigid data logging (I'm a geek!). However, this part seems to be somewhat out of my control. Any thoughts are welcome. - Alex
  4. Yep, I'm using MyFitnessPal, and have been using it since the beginning. It's a huge help. - Alex
  5. I'm just 2 weeks after surgery, but here goes. Before and after pictures are attached. The before picture is from just after I started my diet, at 413lbs. The after picture is from today, at 301lbs. It's amazing to me that I can see the difference. - Alex
  6. I have, but I've been learning more by reading others' experiences, here. My main issues are: water makes me nauseous, especially cold water. It's apparently a common problem, but my surgeon hadn't mentioned it. I'd been experimenting with food, to see what works. Not a good idea, at all, considering the long trail of nausea that follows a failed test. Based on all the experiences, here, I'm going to stick with what I know works (protein shakes and sugar-free jello, and try to cram myself with as much tea as is possible. Thanks! - Alex
  7. Hello, I'm Alex, and I had surgery 11 days ago. Nausea is killing me, but I'm sure that it will get better with time. - Alex
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