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  1. All the best for your revision. Perhaps with what is going on the hospital will be extra careful and will give you more protections against any infections. I hope you recover very well and send good vibes your way!
  2. @17May16Hello! I hope you are feeling better. Did you find out what was causing the pain?
  3. @Res Ipsa Thank you, you are right, I will try to get to the "sweet spot" based on how I look and feel. @athenarose thanks! I think I need to lose more as I am at the very top of the healthy BMI, and feel that I can lose a bit more around my middle to feel normal and not overweight. @Rob_VSG Wow, my body fat is 28% so way higher than yours. I will focus also on reducing that, as part of my goal weight. @cinwa ; @Brass Monkey: @Cheesehead many thanks for the feedback. I will keep trying to lose a bit more to see how far I can get to. I will ask my doctor for a bone density test when I have my appointment in May, to see how I am doing with regards to bone health.
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    Great news!! I hope things keep improving for you. You must be so pleased!
  5. Hello! I am back again with a question on goal weight. I started with 99 kg and initially my surgeon had suggested 70 as a good weight to keep - this would still put me in an overweight BMI. The nutritionist I saw after surgery said that I should aim to 63 kg which is at the highest end of healthy BMI for me. I am now hovering between 62-63 but I still feel that I would like to lose a bit more, and I am finding the process of losing additional weight a bit slow. Which made me wonder whether my body thinks that I'm at a right weight now. In an ideal world, I think that 60 would make me feel great, specially around my middle which is still where fats accumulates the most. I would appreciate any insights on how other people decided what final weight was ok to maintain. I have not started exercising routinely, and I have noticed that when I do, the weight loss starts again, so this may be a consideration. Many thanks in advance!
  6. Jen, you are amazing!! What a great way to celebrate your 3 years of success! Thank you so much for sharing your story, it's really inspirational. And you look so happy and glowing.
  7. @Brass MonkeyHello! Thanks for your comment. I only saw it today. I wanted to say that I have finally started to lose weight again, and moved from 64.5 to 62.5, so that feels like huge progress. I don't know exactly what I did that managed to break the stall, I suppose that I was a bit more mindful of what I was eating and how many times a day. I have reduced cashews but since I like them so much, I still have some every other day or so. I hope that you are feeling well and also making lots of progress!
  8. @Res Ipsa Thank you so much for the tips, they are very useful. I was not aware that cashews were not good, I have been eating lots of them so perhaps that is part of the problem. Will try to drink more liquids as snacks such as Premier Protein, I also like the chocolate one but I like the new one I'm drinking so much better - less sweet and creamier. I am not doing any exercise at the moment but plan to start soon. I find it very difficult to get motivated but will try it to see if it helps to lose the last pounds. Many thanks again!!
  9. Hello, I wanted to ask for advice. I am 7 months post VSG, and alsmot at my goal weight. Ideally, I have 10 more pounds to lose to be where the surgeon recommended in my last consultation. The problem is that I seem to have reached a stall and have been in the same range of 64 kg for the last three weeks. I weight everyday and I can see that I go up and down 500-600 gm, but lately it has been increasing rather than losing. I am worried that this is the beginning of weight gain. In terms of my eating, the things that have changed are: (i) I am drinking Crystal Light to meet the fluid requirements instead of water; (ii) I started to drink a powder chocolate protein shake which I like better than Premier Protein (which I was drinking before this stall); (iii) I have been getting hungrier during the day so I am eating cashews as a snack more frequently; (iv) I stopped eating fish because for some reason I don't feel like it - last year I had a portion of baked salmon 2-3 times a week; (v) I can tolerate a bigger food volume, but I think this is normal as time passes. It's not a huge amount anyway (1.5 cups), but a bit more than I could eat before. Do you have any recommendations to kick start the weight loss? or should I just continue as I am and hope that the weight may fall on its own in due course? Many thanks in advance!
  10. Hello Soozie, I am also in the UK and was also prescribed Forceval. For some reason it made me sick since the beginning, so I could not take it. Instead, I tried a chewable multivitaminic, which I bough in the US when I traveled there. For me it has been a huge difference as they are very easy to swallow and do not make me feel sick, so I thought I would mention it to you in case it is useful. The brand is called Bariatric Advantage, and my surgeon here in the UK said they are ok. I also take the iron, D3 and biotin in chewable form. I take the calcium in the morning and night and the iron in the middle of the day. I wish you all the best!
  11. I am glad to hear it is better - and you are looking great!
  12. Hello @Muffintop how are you doing? Did the doctors find out what was the cause of the blocking and could they treat it? Hope all is well!
  13. Hello, welcome to the forum. I had a sleeve 6 months ago and have not had any reflux problems so far, but like you, I am starting to hear that sleevers have a very high chance of getting reflux at some point. Like you surgeon, mine told me that it would not be a problem as I had not suffer from reflux before, but to be honest, I am worried that it may come up at some point. No advice here I am afraid. I took Lanzoprazole for 4 months after surgery, as indicated by surgeon, even though I didn't have any reflux symptoms. Since I stopped it, last September, I have not had any problems. Also, I got a hiatal hernia corrected during the surgery, so I am not sure if that helped. Good luck and I hope all goes well for you!