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  1. I realize this is a very old thread, so perhaps nobody is monitoring it anymore, but taking a shot here. Like some of you, I have lost about 200 pounds. I also struggle with the "FUPA" (Never heard it called that before), but the problem goes beyond that. Because I did this later in life, the skin is just too stretched to really go back much, so everything is sagging in that general area (well... "every" area, but this area is the subject of my post). This is awkward to even mention, but especially when I sit, the slack in my abdominal skin slides south, as does the "FUPA", which results in the migration of my genitals further south between my legs. So, instead of being front and center, they are somewhere down between my thighs hanging out with my extra thigh skin. This is incredibly uncomfortable when I sit! At home, I can pull things back up where they belong, but at work it is extremely awkward. I either have to endure it, or wait for a moment when everybody is looking the other way, and then quickly try to extract things from thigh prison without being noticed. I get to meetings early to try to get a chair in the back to lessen the chances of anyone noticing this, because nobody would understand what I was doing if they witnessed it. It's an H.R. report waiting to happen. Does anyone else have this problem? I have tried various types of underwear in an attempt to keep things where they belong, but so far have not had any success. Consulted a surgeon and he recommends a total body lift, but said he has never seen insurance cover it and it costs about $25,000, which I do not have. So, if any of you have had issues with this southern migration and have found any way to successfully manage it, please share it. Starting to consider duct tape! Thanks!