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  1. After starting the process almost 3 years ago and then bailing due to husband's sudden health issue I find myself here again. I'm back to considering the VSG. My insurance covers it (Aetna) but I'm reading stories of people being denied because their weight history has an occurrence of a BMI under 35 in the past 24 months That would be August 2018 for me After putting off surgery my Dr. put me on Vyvanse. It worked for a while and at one weigh in my BMI reported at 34.8. Problem is, I self-reported my height all of these years and I'm actually an inch shorter than I thought I was so I guess that's water under the bridge. If I had let the Dr. measure me I never would have been under 35 BMI. I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP. Has anyone been denied because of this? I mean, the weight came right back at the next 3 month checkup. I stopped the meds and am now at my highest weight.
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