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  1. Iron - my nemesis. You are smart to be so on top of it. I basically wait until I see my symptoms and then I eat raisins, steak and spinach for a few weeks until it's back up. Last time I went to give blood I was shocked at how low it was...ah well. I did find a great supplement and when I take it, it REALLY works. Its an all natural formula by Mega-food called Blood Builder. The second annoying thing is that caffeine eats your iron (that is not scientifically accurate - but drink a ton of coffee, your iron will be all the more challenging) and I LOVE coffee. I also commute 6 hours a day and in order to be awake, I definately use coffee. Lisa - its great to see you're still alive and kickin - hard. I know that we both were SURE that gbs would not touch our wonderful marriages, but damn, were we wrong. Like I knew what a good marriage looked like. The good news is, three years after separating - my life is so rich and wonderful. I'm sure you feel the same way. All my best to you and your daughter. I raise my chili pot in your honor. Gina
  2. All I can say is, I think you already know how to lose weight, eh? Have a blast. And congrats on the marriage.
  3. There but by the grace of God... It is easy to judge. We don't know what is coming or what we have yet to face. Be honest with those seeking approval for their self destruction, don't let them off the hook for a moment, but be humble too. It is a blessing to be able to follow your program and be successful, but we don't know how we'd react in their shoes, in their lives, in their pain. I'm not saying you should go easy on them - if you know me, I'm the first to slap someone around with some hard truth, but be careful you don't put yourself above anyone because you were so prepared and knowledgeable. All that preparation will go to heck when your big issue bites you in the tookus. (Is that how you spell that?) We all need help sometimes. Count your blessings and do not be prideful. JMHO
  4. If you truly believe that there is no healthy way to accomplish your goal, change goals. If you are truly satisfied that this is your best - then be at peace. Not damaging your heart is a big deal so if you truly believe it, and I don't mean think it, I mean believe it, the only suffering you'd have is thinking reality should be different for some reason. However, if your don't truly believe there is no other way, then you should continue to search. In either case, if it is your metabolism and there is no way to change it, be at peace with yourself while you search for another way. Miracles happen when we let go of outcomes. I never heard that low calorie diets can injure your heart, but I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. To the contrary, I do know of many monks who fast for weeks and months and live for freaking ever, so someone figured that out. I am pretty ignorant on the subject, but I've seen it at yoga conferences and such. Again - I'm not saying there is a way for you to lose weight in a healthy way, but it doesn't matter what I say - all that matters is what you believe. Not what you think, mind you, but what you believe in your heart. If your gut says, "yea, 800 a day would kill me", then you don't have a problem - you already know what to do. Shut down the voice that says you should be this or that and accept the reality in peace. If your gut says, "There is something out there to raise this metabolism, I just have to find it", then you go find it. I think living with inner peace is the key. Lying to ourselves is the enemy. Accepting other's ideas of what we should or shouldn't be doing is the enemy. Pretending its someone else's judgment that hurts us and not our own is the enemy. Only brutal self-honest and complete faith in ourselves can give us the peace we seek, because honestly, isn't that why we want to lose the weight - really? Why do we want to be healthy - too feel good - to not be anxious and worried - to feel peace inside that we are taking good care of ourselves and need not be pre-occupied with an early death. How I do go point is, you don't have to convince me there is a reason - you only have to convince yourself. And maybe that wasn't your point anyway, but it opened a chance for me to talk about that inner peace we all crave, so thanks for the soap box.
  5. My darlings, I gained a good bit of my weight back too but complaining, whining, asking, "Why is this happening to me?" and listing all the GOOD things I was doing didn't take an ounce off. It does not matter what you are doing that is so much better than before or what other things might contribute to the basic fact, (my medication, my hormones, my metabolism) which you will hate, as I did: You're eating more calories than you're burning. THAT is what causes weight gain. It is a fact. Your body is the same as mine and everyone else's. We gain when we eat more than we burn...period. So we can cry to the heavens that it isn't fair, "I only eat x, y or z" and the fact is, we're either lying to ourselves (I can try to convince myself that this is 6 ounces when its 12, but the scale doesn't lie) or something in our physical make-up has changed, and, like it or not, we need to eat less. I gained weight because I eat too much. Until I face that fact, and as long as I fight that fact, I will not be able to lose the weight. I will bargain, whine, complain, feel sorry for myself, cry and throw tantrums all the way to the next 10 pounds. The why does not really matter - the what you're going to do about it is what matters. I just spent the better part of 12 months trying to convince myself that the laws of physics and anatomy don't apply to me. They do. I was eating too much. Three days ago, I started weighing and measuring and following a strict food plan, and guess what...I'm losing weight. It sucks. I feel like its less food than anyone can live off of, but it isn't. Its just less than I want to eat, but I didn't weight 300 pounds for lack of desire to eat. There is only one way for all people to lose weight - we wish we were different - we wish there was an excuse that would remove the responsibility from us, but until we put down the fork, even chopping up our insides will not cure our obesity. No one can nail it but you and you have to become desperate or passionate or angry or what ever you need to do to make it happen, but listing all the reasons its not our fault and how its not fair we're SOOO much better than pre-op etc. (and hey - I did this for 12 months, I'm not judging) we will continue to gain. Back to serious basics. Stop whining - stop eating. Tell yourself that no matter how you feel, you're not going to eat more than you've planned to. Or accept your weight and relax. But don't drive yourself crazy trying to live both ways. We can't eat what we want and maintain our goal weight - not most of us. We will always feel like we're dieting. Yes, some don't but for any of us gaining weight, we're not in that club and never will be. Good luck friends. Reality bites - let me tell you. (goes to weight out 4 ounces of chicken...)
  6. Yes - 3 years is a long time, but you need to find the responder. I had Dr. Rosati at Albany Med Center and is a rock star. Find Jessica to see if you can get some info on your dr. directly from her. I don't know if she'd get your post or not. (Depends if she subscribes to threads etc.) Best of luck. The work never ends, just so you know, but it is much better work!
  7. Glad to hear all is well. We are the lucky ones I know. I really was hoping I had a deficiency when I went in and they tested me for lyme, but alas, it was just that not sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night that got me. Imagine! I suspect it is no longer being 20 that is really cramping my style. Some of us incredibly blessed folks have the luxury of simply listening to our bodies to tell if something is wrong. Not for everyone (before anyone jumps down my throat) but many, many, many of the people who do not post anymore have found the same thing. Do look for a bit more about the leg thing. Are you sitting in some weird position? New tighter pants? Too much sex? LOL! All my best. G
  8. My honey lost 250 pounds - I would not be here to tell the tale...:eek:
  9. You do what works for you - did I disagree with taking vitamins? I'm just saying that if you don't agree, it is a little more reasonable, not to mention charitable, to say, "Wow - I'd be way too worried to not get my blood monitored! Doesn't that make you nervous?" As opposed to "My way is right and your're a bad GBP patient." Perhaps rather than dramatic it would have been more accurate to say "Judgemental." There is not right or wrong here, only right or wrong for you. Everyone is different and if someone is successful doing something different than what you do, it doesn't threaten your way. There is no need to condemn someone who is obviously successful because she found another way than yours. (And of course not everyone did) If she suffers a health set-back, she will have to deal with it. Showing concern for the OP is one thing - but obviously, some have turned to attack - not helpful to anyone. I was just throwing my two cents in to defend the obviously very successful OP. Most GBP patients gain back a significant amount of their weight so clearly, she's doing something right. Again - no worries here. We're all different.
  10. I am 4 years out now and truly, I don't need as much protein as I did way back when. Don't know how far out you are, but there were times I was trying to get in like, 90 grams or something. Then I cut it down to 65 and frankly, if I get in 50 - I feel fine. Under that I might feel tired or cravy. (Is that a word?) but don't fuss too much about it. Weight watchers is great and gets better all the time. Frankly, any program works if you stick with it though - WW is just most likely the cheapest!! LOL.
  11. Eh - I take vitamins and check my iron when I give blood, but I too feel great, my surgeon dismissed me after my third annual visit and said - you're fine. Have a good life. Call if you need to. I'm fine. If I have a cold, I go to the regular doctor - it isn't that pressing that I had this surgery 4 years ago. Life is pretty normal. No need to get dramatic. For that matter, my partner doesn't do any of the supplements etc. either and he's in perfect health. The surgery did it's work for us. We're perfectly well, absorbing nutrients, feeling great, running, biking etc. When I did get sick a while ago, since I live in a high Lyme disease area, they did a full blood work up, it was all perfect. (Apparently if you don't sleep for more than 3 hours a day for two weeks you feel bad...who'd have thought?) My body doesn't seem to know I had the surgery. We all do what works for us. you will too - whatever that is.
  12. Unfortunately, the number of calories you don't absorb decreases as time goes on. I now, at four years, absorb every single one. So at 6 months, eh, might be a little off, but not much. Maybe 15% tops, so don't worry about it. Worst case scenario, you'll lose more than you expect given the number of calories you eat. Not a bad problem to have. Of course, if you DON'T lose what you expect, you can see the burn perfectly and you input your calories so if its off, you know you can't add or you're missing calories somewhere. Keeps you honest, that is for sure. There is NO FOOLING THE BUGG!!!
  13. I have been told that with a wet-suit you're still cold, so its good to hear that there is an even better version out there. I taught several people to swim when I was still fat and they swim really well, (I of course looked awful trying to swim at 280 pounds) but I haven't even done two laps with my new body. Would they look at me funny if I took a wet-suit to the local pool? you've got me thinking. That is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to do. So more info - I'm going to be involved with the New York City Runners groups, and if I run 9 events over the year, 2010, I am guarunteed a spot in the NYCity marathon in 2011! Now there's a goal. I have done a century on my bike, ( I was wearing under-armor in late August) I could ride forever so that part doesn't scare me. I'll do this half-marathon and check back in. It seems to be VERY much a mental exercise. And by the way - I'm all about finishing. I'm REALLY slow at everything, which is fine, because 5 years ago I wasn't moving at all! lol. We'll stay in touch for sure!! Thanks!! Gina
  14. We have been posting in the last two months - we're just living and being busy. Yes - we met here. John caught my attention immediately with his honesty (verging on brutality) and amazing focus. As I struggled and pushed, he believed in me like no one ever had. After a year of on-line communication, we agreed to meet and here we are, years later. He is my rock. Everything about our life is magical and blessed - even the crap we put up with turns out to be a blessing. It is amazing. I do think we are the only one though.
  15. You da man. I am impressed with myself for doing this 1/2 marathon next month...I bike too but I don't know about swimming. I get SOOOOO cold since I had the surgery. Might have to go find a duo-athlon. You're raising the bar for all of us. Good for you!