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  1. I broke out into hives just after surgery too. I believe it was the protein water I was drinking. Once I stopped the protein water it cleared up. Your body is going through changes & it isn't sure what to do. Cut back on anything new - just plain ol water for a bit & see if it clears up. Benedryl is your friend.
  2. That is exactly right! Bravery doesn't mean you are not scared - not being scared means you are crazy - Bravery means you are scared as hell but you still stand up & do it.
  3. Jabsie - Hang in there You know what you have to do to lose the weight - you've done it before. You have already taken a huge step in the right direction by reaching out for help & encouragement! Start by tracking everything you eat - you have to get on top of your calorie count & the food (types of food) you are eating. You can do this -
  4. Mandy - I am so sorry you have had so many problems. I can't imagine living with those problems for 10 years! The caffeine restriction is for a short duration around & immediately after surgery. This is because it can be difficult to drink enough fluid & caffeine will cause dehydration. You won't need any help being dehydrated! Typically today they say once you can drink 60 to 80 oz of fluid a day then caffeine can be re-introduced. I hope the next surgery corrects your issues - please come back here to talk - this is the best place for advice.
  5. Thank you Res - that was exactly the post I needed to read! I am seriously excited about my weight loss - I would be thrilled to be 185 lbs - but one step at a time. Having met my weight goal - I'm going to set a new "fitness" goal. Weight will be monitored - but now I need to get active & finish my 5k run! I am so excited to be here - thank you all for your support - this is such a great group!
  6. Thawk, The goal is to shrink your liver - you can do that with lots of other food besides milk! This is good news for you as you can eat(drink) other things & safely shrink your liver. The main thing is protein shakes, bullion, broth - lots of sports drinks. Lipton's onion soup (that was too salty), Sugar free jello, sugar free pudding. My Dr told me I could even cheat on the diet (I didn't) with solid foods that won't increase my liver size (plain lean chicken). Keep it up! Having just gone through this - these two weeks are the worst part. Once you wake up from surgery you will wonder why you ever wanted to eat & you will really wont miss eating - at least for the first few weeks! You got this - come here for support!
  7. I hit my goal. This morning I weighed in at 218.3 - 70 lbs gone since starting the pre-op diet & 90 lbs gone since I started the program. I had surgery 12/31/2019 (sleeve) - just 10 weeks ago. They told me I would hit 216lbs if I was an 'average' patient. But I set my goal to 220 because I just couldn't imagine in my head getting down to this weight again. 220 is the weight I was when my 20 year old daughter was born. I can't overstate how excited I am & how happy I am I did this. Here's my worry - I'm only 10 weeks out - not even 3 months & I'm still dropping weight pretty quickly (though it slowed in the last 2 weeks). I am just now starting to exercise more - my wife wants to run a 5 k this year (ran a mile this past weekend - nearly died but I did it). How far should I expect to slide before my weight stabilizes? I will be beyond happy if I get to 200 lbs - I was 205 when I got married 22 years ago. I dont know if I want to go much lower than that. I was 172 when I graduated high school back when paper was made out of papyrus & we wrote in cursive (when not chiseling stones) & I dont think it would be good to be that thin - but since I'm still eating very few calories - I'm guessing I average right at 1000 calories per day - several days per week I'm around 800 & several days I'm closer to 1200. I'm honestly not sure what to do next? Should I try & increase my calories to try & level off? Is it too early? Do I just keep going & dropping weight? I really can't eat a large volume of food yet - 4 or 5 oz of lean meat. I've yet to taste bread though I have had a tortilla or two (wrap). I guess I honestly didn't expect to actually hit my goal & now I'm clueless as to what to do now. Excited to be sure - but really not sure what comes next.
  8. try protein water - since you have to drink a lot of water throughout the day anyway this is a great way to add protein.
  9. This sounds like the pre-op diet. Thawk is about to join the losers bench!! You can do this - keep it up!
  10. Go right ahead! He can always make more.
  11. Congratulations BadBeat! I just had my surgery on 12/31/2019 - so I'm 2 months post op. We are similar frame & size so hopefully what I've seen you will see too. First - take a drink now. Drink all the time - You will not hurt your sleeve with water or gatoraid. You should have between 60 & 70 ounces of fluid each day. That isn't that much when you consider it's only 3 - 20oz bottles of gatoraid zero. I track every ounce I drink on my app (get an app if you don't have one). Work on drinking 1 bottle from wake up to lunch time (stop drinking after you eat breakfast for at least 30 minutes). Then 30 minutes to 1 hour after lunch you start on bottle 2 & finish it before you eat dinner. After dinner you start bottle 3 & work on it until you go to bed. You will not injure yourself with water so TAKE ANOTHER DRINK NOW! At 1 week post - your stomach is still healing - but water is not only safe but it feels good on your stomach (it did mine anyway). As for meals - yeah - you dont really want too much of the "full feeling" yet - & you wont really get it on liquids. I struggled some because I was hungry on day 4 & was really surprised because everyone said I wouldn't get hungry. I didn't have the cravings - but dang if I didn't get very hungry. I found the liquid diet didn't stick with me so I just drank more protein shakes & water to get to the next stage of my diet. Once you can eat semi-solid food like eggs you will get the full feeling very quickly & it will stick with you longer. Track every calorie & every ounce of liquid - track it like you get paid to do it! OK - I've rambled on so I'll leave it here. Oh - 1 more thing - TAKE A DRINK NOW!
  12. Great question - I wonder this for myself too. I started out at 309lbs on a 5ft 10in frame. I started the liquid diet at 288 & had surgery at 275. My nutritionist said I would lose 50% to 70% of my "excess" weight - she then did the math & said if I was "average" I would drop down to 216lbs. I am a big tough guy & I almost cried when she said that. I couldn't imagine 216 lbs. I haven't been 216 lbs in 20 years. I set my goal weight at 220 because I was worried I wouldn't get there - but here I am 2 months post surgery & I'm 226 & still dropping like a stone. I also have not really started exercising that much (I walk 2 miles a couple of times per week - but not every week). I started playing around with a BMI calculator & found that my 220 goal still has me listed as obese - I need to get under 209 lbs to be considered 'over weight' & I need to be 174 lbs or lower to be considered "normal". I haven't been 174 lbs since I was 18 & in high school. So I honestly do not think I can ever get close to 174 - not sure I would want to. But I would LOVE to get down to 200. I was 205 when I got married (almost) 27 years ago. If I get there I'll be ecstatic. So - back to your original question - how do you set your goal weight? Just take your best guess at what you feel is achievable and healthy for you! Then see where your body takes you.
  13. Yes - sometimes animals like to pout when you leave em for a few days. I think they wonder what cool vacation they missed out on.
  14. There are very few people who have not been impacted by drug abuse. My prayers are with you & your family.