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  1. Thank you for that great advice. I have not been obese my entire life - it's something that snuck up on me these past couple of years. I am (or used to be) active - hunting, fishing, gardening or just plain never sitting still. Now I'm always exhausted & inertia holds me down. I'm doing this through the VA - they have a program called "Move" where I have a dietitian - kind of a counselor - who I meet with every other week who talks me through my different hang ups etc. So I'm hopeful that I have the right support. My statement about hoping the surgery helps me "kick the habit" - what I mean to say is - I'm hoping this first year enables me to set up new & long lasting eating and exercise habits, not that it will help me kick the habit of eating too much (though I want that too). I have a solid understanding of what I should eat & what I shouldn't eat - but as you are all aware - each meal is a conscious choice. For me - when my resistance is down I don't always make the right choice.
  2. Spoke to the Dr on Wednesday of this week & scheduled the surgery for Dec 31 2019! I'm excited & totally freaking out at the same time. So many feelings of guilt & embarrassment for having to do this in the first place & for putting my wife through the trauma of dealing with this. She had breast cancer 2 years ago - fully recovered - but I went off the rails & gained a TON of weight that I just can't get under control. I use(d) food and alcohol as my coping mechanism - couldn't sleep at night without booze & couldn't function during the day without the endorphins from eating till I couldn't breathe. I gave up the alcohol - but the eating is so much harder. My wife gets anxiety about life or death situations & me going under the knife is just freaking her out - so I feel really bad about putting her through this. I sincerely hope this surgery kicks the habit. My health is not getting any better & I need to get it under control. 12/31 is a great time for me - I am already off work, plus starting Jan 2 I can use my 2020 vacation for my two week recovery and not have any unpaid time off. The Dr. said I should be able to return to work after 2 weeks because I have an office job. He said it would be 6 weeks if I had a more physical job. Rant over - I start the liquid diet on December 21 - *&^%'s getting real.
  3. Jason - I just joined this group yesterday - so whatever questions you have - I have too!! Please ask em - as they may be questions I haven't thought about yet. Good luck!
  4. Hello all, First post here - just googled it. I see my surgeon on Wednesday (today is Monday) and it's about to get real. Where do I start ugh. I'm 49 - stunningly attractive and happily married for 21 years - but I have all of the health issues associated with being over weight. I'm 5'10 - was 309 at my heaviest. I'm fluttering around 285 now. High blood pressure sleep apnea just diagnosed with diabetes joint pain out of breath I want to get this over with as quickly as possible - so I can get to the post op me. When they ask me what my weight loss goals are - ha - I say being able to tie my shoes & breathe at the same time! I'm worried about the following. When I'm bored I eat, when I'm (mildly) stressed I eat, when I'm happy I eat etc. etc. What the heck am I going to do when I'm bored, stressed or happy????? Anyway - wanted to say hi & let the world I'm going to be going through this.