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  1. What did you did with old clothes and pictures, weight over 500 lbs I real don't want to l how big I got and clothes make me feel sad
  2. I will be having my surgery in a couple week I Finally lost enough weight qualify for surgery Because Weigh over 500 lbs is And having a surgery be free to live my life and get out of bed and do Things by myself without my kids help
  3. Should I be concerned that my doctor Told me I'll be the heaviest Patient she ever had To operate on
  4. I weighed. Over 500 lbs and. I lost about. 30 lbs on pre oppt diet but she wants me to lose more weight before surgery and i don't understand why she wants me to lose more weight.
  5. Once I lose all my weight. My dream is to fight in mma
  6. I did my first exercise not in bed today., I did my exercise in my wheelchair, also my surgery is coming up soon, I have lost about 20 pounds with pre opp diet
  7. I just want to tell you I'm getting better with my exercise in bed, and one day I will be able to exercise without being in bed, using my walker, my wheelchair, I the only thing I regret is let my weight get so high that I need help with every thing.
  8. Did your surgeon want you to lose weight before you got surgery
  9. Today my sister say I'm taking easy way out by having weight loss surgery, and I should be ashamed on having weight loss surgery, she doesn't understand weight almost 600 pounds is very difficult, and it really upset me. I just need someone I can talk that supports me.
  10. Thank you so much for this information it going to help me out a lot
  11. I'm in same boat as you I weigh 582 lbs I'm ready to get this weight off
  12. I just weight over 500 lbs I just want to know has anyone had success with the surgery
  13. I did my first exercise in bed and felt great, my goals is One day I would be able to Exercise not in my bed and walk without my wheelchair or walker