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  1. I am over 9 years status post reversal and almost 18 years status post rny. It's hard to say that if I have regrets over my reversal, I would've died in 2010 without it. At the time I had my reversal, I hadn't found Grace yet (reversedmyrny) and had no one to talk about it with. Reversals have expanded to include patients who aren't near death but have major quality of life issues than dealing with potentially being Obese or Morbidly Obese could ever present. Just like I would NEVER try to talk anyone out of a bariatric surgical intervention, be careful of how you talk to pre-operative reversal patients or post operative ones. I like Grace had issues with weight gain prior to reversal due to meds I was on. My weight fluctuates wildly, as well as my bodies ability to eat. But those of us who face reversal, learn in the most bizarre isolating way possible, whether we have weight gain issues or not prior to or after a reversal, there is way worse things than being fat, period, but especially after a surgical intervention for excessive weight. If you can't relate, be grateful that you cannot. I wouldn't wish what I've gone through and hundreds of post operative reversal patients that I know have gone through, on my worst enemy. And I'm biologically related to one of the most healthy happy thin long term rny post ops (my sister who had rny 10 months after my rny in 12/2001) and not only does she not have to eat like a rny peep, but all she has to do is exercise to maintain her weight loss and hasn't had one complication. Same DNA, Same surgeon, drastically different outcomes. peace... "unstapledlisa"