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  1. Hi.  You have answereda few of my questions in the past and I have found that your answers to me and others are always very well informed, thank you so muich for that.

    I wonder if I could ask for your help again?  I am just over 6 months post op, have lost 6st 2lbs and am very happy with that.  However I think I may be suffering from dumping but I am not really sure.  Often about 15 to 20 minutes after eating I start to feel really hot, bloated and nauseus for about an hour. I am never sick. However after about 2 -3 hours I feel hungry, I eat and then the cycle repeats itself.  I eat the same food as I did before surgery but much less of it, round about 150g.  Am I eating too much?  Is this dumping?  Please could you explain this for me.  I really appreciate your help.  Many thanks.  Suzanne.

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    2. Suzie H1954

      Suzie H1954

      Thanks so much for your speedy answer.   I can see now where Iam very probably going wrong.  I do enjoy a glass of wine before my meal and then sip a little after eating.  Ialso love Iced Cream and usually have one ice cream a day.  I do eat a lot of protein, very rarely fried food but from time to time I do have oven chips, fried bacon and eggs.  I will aim to eat more healthily and hope that works.  Can you just tell me how I would feel if I overate.  Thanks for all your help.  No doubt I will have more questions in the future.  Stay safe.  Thanks again.:rolleyes:

    3. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      It is very important to immediately stop eating when you feel full, as you no longer have a large stomach that can stretch to take on extra food.  Whenever I am foolish enough to continue to eat even though I feel full, I will inevitably feel sick and often will need to throw up.

    4. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      How are you doing?

  2. Hi everyone. I am really hoping someone canhelp. I am 5 and a half months post RNY surgery and everything has been going well. I have lost 5st6 lbs and feeling really pleased. About a week I started feeling sick and very tired. I feel nauseas all of the time but I am not actually vomiting and I feel really tired all of the time. I have not recently changed my diet and I am not eating any more or less than usual. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks. Stay safe and well.
  3. Hi Everyone. My name is Suzie from the uk. I am 2 weeks post-op from my gastric bypass. My Doctor has told me that I must sip all liquids and not take gulps. Can someone please tell me will I always have to sip or is it just for now. Thanks everyone.
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