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  1. Hi i had GB in 2011 im currently on suboxone, i mentioned to my doctor that subutex would benefit me due my GB and now a herniated mesh surgery coming up. She refuses to switch me over and im extremely worried bc i don't know but i was adviced by not just my surgeon but nurses as well. My doctors still refuses even after my doctor agreed to the subutex. I dont know what to do. I am having bad SE due to the suboxone and possible GI blockage without the surgery. Im in constant pain and NOBODY will switch me to subutex but yet the suboxone SE are very if not deadly and it strains my GI track everyday SX are by far systamatic. As u know i do not receive pain meds nor care to im past that. I just feel that without the surgery and my GB i will die and the suboxones makes me high risk giving me horribly painful SE i was told is resulting in the use suboxone. The subutex was told is most beneficial for GB and post and pre op surgerys. If you or anyone have a link or information i could obtain to help me get the relief i need with subutex so im not in so much psin nor am i a higher risk PT for urinira festula or GI blockage. Please any information will help thank you and god bless!
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