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  1. Hi hope i started going to 12 once a week options class at Kaiser then about 2 weeks later I got a call to see a surgeon.He said I was ready to go but wants me to lose at least 5 more pounds next time I see him on Nov. 12 then I have to do a 2 week liquid diet by the 25 th my surgery date I Hope.its hard losing weight while not on a strict diet right now but I’m trying my best .Best of luck to you too!
  2. Thank you that gives me a little hope
  3. Hi hope i’m 67 and having gastric bypass surgery next month glad I’m not the only old timer
  4. I have kinda a embarrassing question .If you’re over 60 and you’ve had gastric bypass surgery do you get the you know what going again or not because you’re old anyway? Or maybe I should ask a doctor?
  5. Hi ! I’m Bill and my pre op is November 12 and Gastric Bypass surgery is scheduled for November 25 I hope .working on losing at least 5 pounds before the pre op and pretty nervous