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  1. What staples did you have removed? I never had to have staples removed.
  2. Yes I lost 20lbs the week following my surgery. My weight loss was due to me not eating. Which was a first for me, and my body. My body had never gone a day without at least 2000 calories. Let alone a whole week. But please remember everyone's body is different. My friend lost 30lbs the day after her surgery. And 50lbs after the first week. But you also have to consider that she was over 400lbs on her surgery date. I was under 300lbs. And there's some people who don't lose any weight the first week post-op. And even some people who gain after the first week. As for the itching. I was in so much pain and depression, that I can't recall if I had any itching. But I would just pick up some OTC anti-itching cream, and rub it on your stomach.
  3. Why are they sending you to an OBGYN? But welcome. The fact that your pain is gone, and your feet have returned to normal is reason enough to celebrate. You have a accomplished something major, and you should be very proud.
  4. I would say, #1, be active. Get outside. Go for a walk. You will notice a change in mood immediately. Go exercise if possible. Try to get in 30-60 mins of light physical activity a day, if possible. And if you're 100% against taking anti depressants, try taking omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins B6 & B12 instead, if possible. But definitely bring it up at your next appointment. That is a very good plan. And ask your doctor to remind you why you got the surgery in the first place, and what the benefits are. That's really helped me. A little reassurance is always a good thing. I was reminded that I was once pre-diabetic, and had high cholesterol, and very unhappy. You also brought up wanting to see a therapist. That's a great idea. See if you can find a therapist that specializes in bariatric surgery. As it sounds like this is the catalyst to your depression. As for not wanting anti depressants. Your doctor won't prescribe you something you're adamantly against. And they certainly can't force you to take it if they do. They're not gonna follow you home, and make you take it. But my question is, why are you so adamantly against taking something that may or may not have side effects on you? Because right now, you are suffering from a horrible side effect of this surgery. So why not take something that can help take away the suffering? And also, you should understand that there are also side effects with depression that's left untreated. Right now, you only have mild side effects, such as crying. But they get much worse, like thoughts of self-harm, actual self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and actual suicide. I will just say that I take anti-depressants, and I have not experienced any adverse side effects from it. And I'm not here to convert you. But I certainly feel much better than I did not taking them. And I can honestly say that they saved my life. I would not be here today otherwise.
  5. Thank you for all the replies. I have read all of them. And I'm feeling a lot more optimistic because a few of you mentioned you drink seltzer, which give me hope that I will once again be able to enjoy a cold bottle of my beloved Perrier once again. My PCP also said that I will be able to drink seltzer again. As silly as it sounds, that was really weighing heavy on my mind. More than any food. I also really appreciate all of the concern you guys had regarding my mental state. And to those of you who were concerned. I did go see my surgeon, as well as a therapist. And I am taking anti-depressants. And to those of you who claimed they worked wonders, you were right. They have been working seemingly overnight. And I feel so much better. My surgeon also eased my mind, and explained to me from a medical sense as to why I did this. And that my life would've been much worse in the long run. He reminded me that I had high cholesterol (now under control), was pre-diabetic (A1C Levels now normal), and over 200lbs overweight (now >100lbs), low self esteem, etc), and that his team would never encourage me to do a surgery if they didn't feel it was 100% necessary.
  6. I had VSG on 9-18-19, and I regret it so far. I really hope it gets better for me, because so far, I believe it has completely ruined my life. I am much more unhappy now, than before. And I know this is not typical, as everyone who I know who's had it at my support group, hasn't felt this way. So I don't know where to turn to for help, and compassion, because I feel so alone. I'm 6'3, and was 385lbs at my heaviest, and weigh 269lbs currently. That sounds like a big drop, but I have only lost about 21lbs post-op in 2 weeks. When I lost over 80 pre-op. So the surgery hasn't been very helpful in my weight loss at all. I lost 20lbs my first week, but have only lost 1 pound in my second week. I thought this surgery was going to change my life for the better, and save me from diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc. And that it will also help me keep off the weight long-term. Because I had been obese my entire life, from when I was 5 years old. But I believe it's made my life worse, and that I've made the biggest mistake in my life. But looking online, and in my real life, and in all my pre-surgery research, nobody else seems to feel that way. I now have to worry about things I've never had to before. I now I have to drink water all the time, so I don't become dehydrated. Which I didn't think was going to be a big deal because I drank water all the time. But now it's become a chore. I've never had to worry about dehydration in my life. And now I have to worry about vitamin deficiency, and protein deficiency. Something I never had to worry about before. And I simply can't eat enough of the required amount of protein. Something I didn't consider, and I never had a problem getting protein shakes down before. And now I'm forever worried that my teeth are going to rot and fall out because I simply can't drink the protein shakes, and that my body will be weakened because I have no protein. And I also can't take pills. I don't know if that will last forever. But right now they need to be crushed, and they taste horrible. I haven't eaten food yet. But the drinking seems to be a much bigger problem for me, as I am having difficulty with the new drinking regimen. And the worst is how it has effected my emotionally. I am going through extreme postsurgery depression. I gave up everything I love forever to have this surgery (carbonated beverages, caffine, asprin, straws, eating and drinking concurrently, eating fast, gulping down drinks, chewing gum, etc), because I thought this was going to be the best decision I've ever made for my health. But so far all I've gotten from it is extreme depression, withdrawal, bloating, stomach pains, anxiety attacks from the regret. Luckily I never smoked or drank alcohol to begin with. So I don't have withdrawals from that. But carbonated drinks has been the hardest part. I haven't drank soda is 14 years, when I switched to seltzer. And I fell in love with seltzer. Perrier was my favorite drink, and I drank it all the time. I miss it so much. But I thought that giving it up, was going to be a decision that would make my life better. I really hope that this depression is temporary. But I know a lot of people who have had VSG, and they didn't experience any of this emotional depression. And anywhere I go, everyone seems to feel the exact opposite that I do. And I can't seem to find support anywhere. All I've gotten is a lot of "that's just how life is now, adjust." I know that. I know I can't do anything about it. But I'm actually suffering from pure clinical depression, and I feel like I'm the only one, and that it will never go away.